Father’s Day Western Digital Guide for Gamers

If I have done one thing right as a father, it is introducing my kids to the “retro” gaming world. Or as I like to call it, the games I played as a kid. Every time we pull out the old NES or SNES because the kids saw something cool on YouTube, the kids make fun of me and complain about not having any save function on the games to keep their progress.

The world of gaming sure has changed, and today we find ourselves with more and more need for storage. Whether it be cloud or local the shear size of gaming today is sometimes scary.

Don’t worry though, the folks at WD have been kind enough, over the years, to continue to develop some of the best storage hardware on the planet. They are now even making console specific products. Below is a list of the best gaming options that WD has to offer.

I personally run a WD_BLACK P50 Game Drive SSD, and have never experienced a problem and the load time vs the on board HD in my console is ridiculously fast!

Coming in at $154.99 USD for 500Gb, this is a bullet proof option for the gaming enthusiast. Click on the image to check out the technical specs.

As I mentioned before, WD is now heading into console specific territory with a Nintendo licensed drive. Available in three sizes, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

These Nintendo licensed SD cards are not only backed by the WD quality, they look sweet too and you won’t have to spend any of those gold coins we all covet with the $54.99 USD top end for the 256GB card.

Now for the cream of the crop!

If you are a hardcore gamer, this drive is for you, hands down, no questions asked!

This NVMe drive is so fast that I don’t even have time for a bio break during loading screens anymore. This is a must have for anyone building a system for gaming. Best value on these bad boys comes in the 1TB size with a $134.99 USD price tag, and yes I had to check the price twice.

There are quite a few more options on the WD website that I encourage you to take a look at. Dad will love you for it!

Until next time….


All images courtesy of Western Digital Store

The Hunt for a Starship!

So I played No Man’s Sky yesterday for about 6 consecutive hours. Well if you don’t include the emergency run and grab the 120 lb dog that was about to eat the neighbors 10 pound dog. Sorry neighbor!

A friend (@Zombwie) asked me today what I would consider my role to be in NMS. It is an interesting question. In a game that is literally endless, what is my purpose in it? The game itself provides you with a bit of guidance in the beginning but after about an hour you really start to develop a personality in the game. I hadn’t truly thought about it until being asked the question. Then I reflected on the 8 or so hours I have dedicated so far.


I realized that I love ships, I have had 4 in the short time that I have been playing. Not just to upgrade the number of slots available for storage (which is another issue all together) but for the look as well. I did find my unicorn last night, we are calling it the Fly Tighter.

I will be staying on the planet I am on until I find it again. After farming the shit out of Gold and Emeril I now have enough Units to purchase it. After that I will resume my quest to learn the language of the first star system that I was in.


I didn’t realize it until the question was asked, but I was a fair bit ahead of the other people who I know playing the game when it came to the language department. I had managed to learn over 50 words in two languages and wanted more! Personally not the thing that I thought I would be most attracted to.


I had thought, before ever touching the game, that I would racing from planet to planet naming everything and shooting stuff like crazy. I find that I have done exactly the opposite. I hang about for hours searching for the next Language Stone, Monolith or Ruin to teach me the next word. Nothing is more frustrating than having a conversation with an alien life form and not being able to understand any of it. I mean hell Captain Kirk where is my universal translator.

I imagine that over the life of the game my role will evolve into something else, but at this point I called myself a scholar. Thriving on finding the next word, waiting for the day when a full conversation with the alien life forms is available to me.

Stay tuned for more articles as I dive deeper into NMS. I will be releasing some videos in the near future with some of the stuff that I learned along the way!


No Man’s Sky has begun!


This morning I got the chance to download the game and then get an hour of game-play in before work.

Ship and Planet Info
Ship and Planet Info

Initial response: IT IS FREAKING AMAZING!

I cannot wait to dive in for hours of exploration and name calling! I must caution you though, in the first hour patience is key. Let me explain!

The planet that I spawned into appeared fairly mundane. A red type planet with lots of rock and some sparse vegetation, I got the feeling it was a desert planet. As I start to get the controls figured out and realize that there are things that I can interact with and collect lying around on the ground I start to get excited. I spend the first 10 minutes or so destroying things and collecting elements that I had no idea what to do with at first… but I keep collecting anyway.

Prompt 1
Prompt 1

Then I actually realize that there are steps to getting all of my gear working properly again, so I start to follow the prompts. Then comes the long journey. One of the elements that I need to get my ship off the ground again is a ten minute walk away. That is 10 real life minutes. In real life not that long, but in-game time that feels like an eternity.

I take the trek across the planet though and on the way I realize that this is genius by the game creators. Make us walk forever and along the way I scan and discover new life forms, new plants, new elements, and a host of other things. A 10 minute walk took me about 25 minutes and at this point I am starting to count down the minutes until I have to leave.


I find the giant rock of Heridium that I need for my Thrusters, collect it and head back. Hopefully I can get there and fly my ship for a few minutes before I have to shut down. Then I see it, I don’t know what IT is at this point but I see something. Now my walk back to the ship has been detoured and off I venture to this strange building in the distance. With the ships flying in and out and all around it, I figure it is a trading post. When I get there I am pleased to find that I am right.


Now the units that I have been acquiring by making new discoveries come into play. I can purchase stuff that I need, stuff that I have no idea what to do with yet and more. I am tight for time so I don’t spend too much time exploring the station, but one of the things that I do figure out is that I can buy a new ship. Nice, but I haven’t even fixed the one that I started with yet, then I see the price tag. 666 thousand units…. I have 5 thousand. Well no worries about buying a ship for a while… lol….   off I go on my trek back to the ship.


Minutes to go until work, but I get there just in time. Repair the final part of the ship and power it up, hop in and bam, checkpoint reached and game saved… holy crap! Would I have lost all of the progress I made before that? I still don’t know the answer, but sitting here now I am glad that I don’t have to find out the hard way!

I hop in the ship and start to fly, first spot I go to is the trading post to see if I can land. Nope, can’t land, so off I go to space. At this point I should have left for work already. I have to see the “seamless” transition from planet to space before I go though! They did not disappoint. The transition was beautiful, my PS4 never skipped a beat. There I was floating in space, looking at another planet and some asteroids!

The boss is going to kill me! I travel to the next planet, it is an hour away. I can’t be that late for work…. wait, use your hyper drive, prompts my computer!  YES, now it’s only 3 minutes away, let’s go. I get to within a minute of the planet and decide that if I don’t leave now I will stay for the rest of the day!

That is where my adventure ended.

Blue Planet
Blue Planet

Now I sit here at work wondering what the beautiful blue planet has in store for me. Can I land on the moon and explore it… will it have anything interesting? Am I going to an ocean planet? Do I get to name all the fish, sorry Mr. Weebl but Fin Karfishian and Horatio’s Weepy Dick Cheese Fish (sorry Bud) are going to be real!

Stay tuned to our twitters @RadioPressGames and @Matrix015 for stream notifications!

You can see the raw footage of it at www.twitch.tv/radiopressgaming or www.twitch.tv/warlock015

Be Kind While Gaming, It’s Good For Your Health

Miranda-BluBy: Miranda Blu

If you play a video game with a chat feature you’ve most likely experienced that moment at the end of a raid or mission where all of a sudden an onslaught of verbal abuse erupts onto you or the group with great fury. You think to yourself “geez, I was just trying to have some fun” or, you fire back in verbal retaliation. STOP THE MADNESS!

My husband coined a phrase a few years back that I love.

“Remember to be kind. You are special and worth the experience you are having, as is the person next to you.”
~ Odin Omen

That’s right… there’s a person on the other end of all those nasty words. Not a monitor or TV but a person with feelings.

Okay, we all know we shouldn’t behave this way because it’s not nice and we should treat people the way we want to be treated. Right? (please no cricket sounds!) Good, we’re on the same page. There’s another reason why we should be kind while gaming. Our health! All that anger really takes a toll on our minds and bodies.

It’s physically damaging to our hearts
It can weaken our immune system
It can increase anxiety and depression
It can harm our lungs

Those all sounds like bummers to me! Before lashing out at another player or group, try to stop yourself for 10 seconds. Take a deep breath. Remember why you’re playing in the first place. To have FUN. 🙂 Remember that one person or team isn’t going to win every single time. And that’s okay!

Try this instead. Type “great game, we’ll get ’em next time” or “wow, tough match but it was fun”. Whatever works for your game, just make it nice. Give it a try. See how different you feel. It probably feels good huh? Great, because you are special and worth the experience you are having!

Happy gaming!

Photo provided by JD Hancock

Article re-posted with permission from Miranda Blu

A Date with Astro gaming

Continuing our E3 journey, RPG was able to catch up with Astro Gaming, maker of performance gaming peripherals.

With the release of the new Astro A50s we were itching to get some information on the new headset and what it was doing to change the face of streaming and the gaming experience as a whole.

At first glance paying $300 for a headset might seem like a lofty investment, but once you’ve seen what they have to offer, you might be thinking twice about holding on to your hard earned cash.  The Astro A50 headset comes in four color styles, a Halo Edition Green, white/lime and black/green for you XBone kiddies and blue/black for the PS4 crew, bonus of these is that they are both PC compatible!


The base for this headset has all of the mix amp technology you need built in, as opposed to either a charge place or headset hanger in most other models.  Along with this newer feature is the Astro Command Center, a free customizable piece of software that allows you full control over your streaming set up.  This system allows you to control all of your input and output options, from stream to chat audio you get to prioritize with ease what you want your viewers to hear more of.  This also offers the option to save and share audio profiles.

Some of us buy based off of battery life, can I get a 24 gaming session in without recharging 8 times?  The Astro A50 boasts 15 hours of continuous gameplay on a single charge.  To compliment this immense power saver, the headset is also outfitted with an accelerometer so it can turn itself off after 20seconds of laying down and turn back on when picked up.

A few other points to keep in mind are the upgraded mic, unidirectional for greater sound pickup and noise cancelling options as well for a clearer focused audio stream.  For those that would like upgraded comfortability and less outside distraction while playing, there is also mod kits to change the ear cushions to a leather option, increasing sound cancelling for the perfect experience.

So far the A50s are showing their $300 value but in the end, how do they feel to wear for long sessions and how much of a beating can they take?  You’ll be happy to know that these are a lightweight piece of equipment making the strain on your head and neck minimal during those long gameplay times and they are pretty durable for those times you need to throw either your controller or headset into the wall (Please don’t do that).  Most importantly, after all these goodies are piled into the box, the Astro A50s sound fantastic, because really, when we are dumping a bunch of cash on new headphones they better sound good too.

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