Content Creators

Matthew Rix – Matrix015

Cofounder and CIO of Radio Press Gaming, I am a tech loving father of 3 who is obsessed with Destiny!

Krys Evans – beNONSENSE

Cofounder and CCO of Radio Press Gaming, Part Time Streamer, RPG Podcast Host, Writer, Pit Bull Advocate, Mommy.

Greg Evans – MSKNSNGTN

Cofounder and CTO of Radio Press Gaming, Part Time Streamer, Co-Host of RPG Podcast. Father. Husband. Gamer.

Nathan Miller – Shadowhak

Editor-in-chief of Radio Press Gaming. Comic enthusiast, Gamer dad and Tech nut 

Joe Foster – Blackallica

Joe Foster is a writer for Radio Press Gaming, current admin/member for Gladiators of Gaming, member of Federation of Fathers, and gaming enthusiast; also known as Blackallica in the gaming world.