Destiny 2: Forsaken E3 2018 Hands-On Impressions

Just a couple of weeks ago the Radio Press Gaming team went to the E3 2018 at Los Angeles California, and one of the games that had caught our eye was the Forsaken DLC for Destiny 2. I know what y’all thinking. Game’s dead. Well, kinda. It has a been almost a year since the game came out and, in the old “Destiny fashion”, the game was barely complete. Bungie felt to sleep with this one. It was basically one of the easiest home run in the gaming history and it became a huge miss. But as we, as a destiny community know, Bungie learns from its mistakes (sometimes a little bit late, though) and seen the Forsaken DLC reveal a couple of weeks before our trip to L.A. sparked a mote of light of hope for the franchise. If this is what it looks like, Forsaken will be The Taken King that fixes D2 and delivers the worthy sequel that the fully mature D1 year 3 deserved.

But everything comes with a prize. And this one stroke in the middle of the heart. I was at the middle of the Bungie Meeting Room when I stumbled upon DeeJ, fan beloved community manager, and I asked the question all of my clan and the Destiny community had: “Why Cayde? Why not Zavala?” And the answer was simple and I already knew it. It had to be him.

Forsaken is a story of revenge, not only to put back to order the mess that has occurred in the distant reef but to make justice for one of the most beloved characters in the Destiny Universe against one of the most hated as well. In the brief (but emotional) first story mission, you and Cayde go on a routine mission where everything seems too good to be true: enemies’ heads poppin’ here and there, Cayde filling the action gaps with his classic humor, and the light shining with some brand new supers that felt just amazing.

As you progress through the mission eating through an enchilada of all the different enemy races that Bungie could possibly fit in that prison, the end of the road seems to be clearer until the final cut-scene arrives. The old not-so-friendly-spoiled Prince Uldren is back and takes the life of the Hunter Vanguard, for good. After leaving the meeting room and getting ready for the flight back (it was my last appointment of E3) I was left with a weird feeling, like a hole, that can only be filled after the September release. Mastermind marketing or Lore genius move? Either of them, well played. Painfully, but well played.

Earlier that same day I had the chance to taste another set of completely different feelings: excitement and intrigue. Gambit, the new PvE + PvP game mode that the elite community had already tasted a couple of month’s ago at the Destiny Community Summit was before me, and I have to say that despite being a little bit cautious about it, I really enjoyed it. A LOT.

The first thing that made the experience a lot better was to finally have on my loadout a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher equipped at the same time. Oh God, how I missed that feeling. The old weapon system that is making its way back to the game never felt so right. Freedom of player choice is key to Gambit, as this is one of the most strategic modes that Destiny has seen along with Rift.

You have one goal: Reach the score limit of motes redeemed on your bank by killing bad guys and summon an even bigger bad guy that you should kill. As you progress to your goal, you will be blocking your enemy bank by sending special enemies that will make the chore harder. Fighting the endless waves of enemies feels familiar to any PvE fan, but the PvP twist is incredible. After certain number of motes being banked a portal opens so you or one of your teammates can actually cross to the enemy team side and make some chaos. I am sure I wasn’t the best PvP player on the match, but I wouldn’t lose the chance to try being a pain in the butt and it really felt so good! First time I was unprepared, just with a couple of rocket launcher shots, but as the strategies started pouring on each side I realized that decision making is so important in this game mode: Should you hold to your super and use it on your incursion to the enemy team, or speed the ad control process to bank motes faster? What about the enemies that block your bank or the final boss, a.k.a. Prime Evil, that you summon to win the match.

I just can’t wait for the community to get their hands dirty and see how the meta starts taking shape. Even more interesting to think about how every type of enemy race works into keeping the game mode spicy and fresh. We fought against cabal, but thinking about the Fallen, Hive, Taken and even the new enemies for Forsaken, makes this even more exciting.

Overall, these couple of big glimpses to the new DLC made me smile again and, despite being “The Old Destiny Formula”, I am really looking forward for september. For getting my hobby back, grinding those 3 characters, collecting EVERYTHING and seeing the progress in the new record books, and of course, avenging my dear Vanguard.

Screw you Uldren. See you in September.

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