4 Arcade Classics Coming to Mobile

Yesterday, among the copious amounts of game news hitting the news feeds, CAPCOM announced that it is going to bring 4 Arcade Classics to mobile devices around the globe.

1942 Mobile

This vertically scrolling shoot ’em up tasks players with battling through the entire enemy fleet. Shoot down enemy planes, avoid enemy fire and perform rolls and loops to avoid certain death in this epic retro nail-biter.

Ghosts‘N Goblins™Mobile

Return to the days of yesteryear in this famously difficult action-platformer. As Sir Arthur, you must battle against demons and undead in order to rescue the princess Prin-Prin.

Ghouls’N Ghosts™Mobile

Better, bigger and more beloved, this legendary side scrolling platformer pick up where Ghost ‘n Goblins ends.

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando Mobile

Armed with a sub-machine gun and a limited supply hand grenades, players battle through legions of enemy troops in this classic vertical scrolling shooter.

All of the games will stay true to the original version, but will have mobile optimized versions as well. CAPCOM says:

In addition to Classic and Casual modes of play several of the games offer control options such as auto-fire and different button arrangements. Each game will also feature a leaderboard so players can see how their skills compare against players from around the globe. All four games are expected to be available within the next few months.


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Fire Emblem Review

So it begins, Nintendo finally puts out a game on both Android and iOS that speaks to me. Fire Emblem has been a serious love affair since I first picked it up on the GC back in the day. Since then, I’ve made it my goal to play all of its iterations, from the NES and beyond. With the arrival of the Switch in a month and Fire Emblem Warriors to follow shortly after, Nintendo has blessed us with a fantastic mobile release called Fire Emblem Heroes. The best part of this new game is that its free! Yeah, free. Obviously, like any F2P game there are in game purchases, but we’ll get into that soon.

The core of the game is laid out quite simply. To get characters, you go through a summoning process, currently the game has two “summoning gates” each with specific characters from the various games Fire Emblem has had in the past. To summon characters, you need orbs which are the premium currency of this game. You gain 1 orb per chapter map completion, 10 orbs for linking your Nintendo account and orbs for other various achievements and completions. To begin a summoning, you need to spend 5 orbs, as you continue to spend the price for each consecutive summoning reduces. The best use of orbs is to use 20, this gets you a full round of summons which is 5. Plenty of people have been trying to game the system by uninstalling and reinstalling the game to redo the first summon ritual with 20 orbs, I on the other hand managed to get characters to be excited about on the first go, so I rolled right into playing.

The story of the game is quite simple, so its not much to think about. At times it can feel like a bit much and a little kiddie, maybe even not so well thought out. The overall idea makes sense, that a sorceress is contracting out people from different FE worlds and making them fight you, and the leader of your band, the Order of heroes. You’ll fight against many familiar foes through your trek and as such you’ll gain the means to summon these people as well, building your roster into strong dependable units able to take on many challenges.

The best part of this being a mobile game, is that the battle maps all fit on your screen, meaning you don’t need to move around a large map and strategize with 15+ units across a 100 x 100 grid. You are given an 8 x 6 map with 4 units per side and also given the heads up of what you’ll be fighting before entering the map. This allows for an easy and effective approach to each battle scenario. Granted, you only know the weapon types, so sometimes you’ll find yourself sending an axe wielding quick character against a knight class with a spear and still being ineffective. I for one have been sticking to the same 4 characters since the start, a dragon stone user (Tiki), a swords-man, a spear wielding Pegasus rider and my bow expert. These 4 have dealt with so much, I’ve only seen two deaths so far and unlike the old FE
games, its not perma-death. So, while losing a unit in battle is devastating in a 4 on 4 match, its not going to ruin you for the rest of your game life.

Moving on to characters and classes, each character has a rarity level which you can either summon them at or upgrade them to. The main issue with summoning is that it is all RNG based, so you can’t just decide to get a 5* hero, but to be honest, that would be broken as hell. Getting duplicate heroes gives you the opportunity to upgrade from 1* all the way to 5*s and once there, increase stats beyond if you happen across another 5* dup. The system is pretty interesting from a development stand point and works well. Each character even has a set of 5 skills. You have 3 main skills, as well as a defensive and a chargeable offensive skill. Tiki, currently has one of the best offensive skills I’ve seen in a while, where once charged, does damaged in a radius hurting enemies based on Atk over enemy def. This allows for huge advantages when you might be at a class or power disadvantage. All of this together makes for quick, intelligent and engaging game play, something that is really hard to capture on mobile these days.

Another notable feature is friend duels, you don’t play live with anyone but you can fight other people’s hero set ups for points and weekly treasures. These help out in the progress and improvement of your main battle squad and so on. You can also friend people within the game to get help in battles. It’s really useful if you have friends who are powering through the game and you are struggling a bit.

The only down side to these games is the energy system they use, but as a frequent F2P player I’m used to it. This game also starts you off with plenty of energy and each map isn’t too demanding on energy to play. Friend battles also have their own limit of three battles right way, but just like regular gameplay energy, the friend battle tokens refresh after time.

In the end, there is plenty to keep someone interested in this game for a long time. I’m pleased with the over all presentation, its alignment with other recent FE games and the simplicity of it all. The characters span from generations of the series which will keep any FE enthusiast happy. The use of sprites and joining it up with alternate art styles makes it feel like plenty of care was taken in the visuals. If you are a fan of FE or just a tactics person in general with an iich to have something in your pocket, you should definitely pick this puppy up. Don’t ask questions, don’t hum and haw, just open the app store and get it done, because I said so, and I just want whats best for you.

Keep the Vault running with Fallout Shelter’s new update 1.9

Although it has been a little bit more than a year that Fallout Shelter came to our mobile devices, Bethesda is not letting its critically acclaimed app get rusty.

The award-winning Fallout Shelter continues to grow larger and larger on both mobile and PC platforms this month with the release of Update 1.9, which delivers all-new Quests including an exciting new location – the Caves – plus fun Thanksgiving celebrations including new stickers for iOS 10 and iMessage. 

Fallout Shelter’s Update 1.9 Content Includes:

  • New Location for Quests – Cave: In addition to abandoned buildings and derelict Vaults, Overseers can send Dwellers on spelunking adventures in a brand-new backdrop that will be immediately familiar to Fallout 4 fans –  dark, mysterious caves.
  • New Quests: Update 1.9 introduces even more Quests for the demanding Overseer, including new regular, weekly, and special event Holiday Quests during the Thanksgiving celebration.
  • Holiday Festivities: The holiday celebrations continue in the Vault! In November, the Fallout Shelter Thanksgiving event will unlock limited time Quests, specially themed room visuals, and Thanksgiving outfits available in Lunchboxes. In December, Overseers will also celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with additional limited time quests and special rewards.
  • New iMessage Stickers: Building on the popularity of the Halloween stickers, Update 1.9 will introduce special Thanksgiving-themed stickers for iOS 10 iMessage users. In addition, new stickers based on the Fallout 4 Nuka-World mascots, Bottle and Cappy, are available now.


Fallout Shelter is available for free on Android and iOS devices as well as PC. To download the game, players should visit Google Play, the App Store, or, on PC, by downloading the Bethesda.net Launcher at the following link: http://download.cdp.bethesda.net/BethesdaNetLauncher_Setup.exe.

Crafting Your Team With Simplistic Style: TeamCraft.io

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Is the exasperation of tackling your most cherished online games alone getting you down? Do you wish that you could find a Looking For Group app that would help to introduce you to new friends, teams, or help you create your own gaming team? Look no further, TeamCraft.io is just the LFG treasure that you have been looking for.

Originally known as LFGDBDestiny, TeamCraft’s name was changed to reflect its broader range of gaming communities involved in its use. It was in May 2016 when I was first introduced to this wonderful LFG gaming app. At that time, the app only had two gaming communities within its application. Now, TeamCraft.io is home to over twenty gaming communities such as Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Destiny, The Division, and Halo 5 just to name a few. Adding to that, the simplicity of the use of this application is just amazing.

To use TeamCraft.io just simply download the app from the App Store or Google play. Next, register and login to the app. Then, choose the preferred gaming communities from the app’s ever growing list of titles. Finally, the user has the freedom of choice to either create or join an event lobby of his or her own choice. Gaming events can be created up to seven days in advance. There is also no limit on how many events that a person can schedule for. Adding to that, users will have the opportunity to engage in group chat messaging within their event and also receive push notifications fifteen minutes prior to the start of the created/joined event. However, there is even more to do at the TeamCraft.io website.

At their website, gamers who utilize the app can also sign-up to become weekly crafters. As a crafter, helpful gamers will be able to create weekly reoccurring events which invites other gamers to join in for the event. If the said game event organizer is a streamer, then he or she just simply needs to include his or her streaming URL in the weekly crafter registration form. Upon doing so, an auto tweet will be sent out with the streamer’s name, date of the event, and a link for the event along with the streamer’s URL. For Twitch and YouTube streamers, this has the potential for the generation of a larger audience. This is a great way for streamers to gain exposure; all thanks to the creative minds at TeamCraft.io.

Based in Orem, Utah, TeamCraft started out as a one-man side project that has turned into a four-person team. The team includes Austin Lovell (Developer), Nial Spencer (Designer), Jake Ellis (Public Relations), and Mindi Lovell (Marketing). It was Mindi Lovell to whom this writer had the pleasure of sitting down with and asking a few questions about TeamCraft.io.

To start up our interview, the question was asked of Lovell about the history of TeamCraft she replied, “The development of the app started two years ago after the original Destiny (the game) release. It started as something special that the developer personally wanted to use and hoped that others would also enjoy as well. That first year alone we gained about 250,000 users of the app.” When asked to tell what sets TeamCraft.io apart from other LFG apps, Mindi stated, “One of the main differences right now is that we allow events to be scheduled ahead of time. Most of the other LFG’s have players looking to play right then.” She then added, “Our goal is to not only provide people with a group but with a high quality group. By scheduling ahead, it gives the leader a chance to talk to his or her team and do some research. If someone isn’t a right fit, the leader can boot them. Having a plan and a strategy before the event starts is key for completing events smoothly and in a timely manner.”

When asked about the future plans of TeamCraft, she replied, “Our future plans are to keep adding in more games and more features that set us farther apart from the other LFG’s. One feature that is coming out soon is the web version of the app. One of the main benefits it will have will be to allow players to share a link directly to their event.” Mindi then goes on to add, “Another big goal of ours is to be in different gaming conventions next year, such as at Comic Con running their tournament system.”

With the simplicity of use, consistent addition of beneficial features, and the huge plans for this app, TeamCraft.io is definitely worth trying out. Furthermore, the slogan that the folks at TeamCraft use is “Never Game Alone”. With over 100,000 downloads at the Google play store alone, their slogan statement is definitely one that has the numbers to back it up with.


He-Man Tappers of Grayskull

Animoca Brands launches He-ManTM Tappers of GrayskullTM
  • Animoca Brands launches He-Man™ Tappers of Grayskull™ based on the Masters of the Universe® franchise
  • The new game features voice-over acting by the legendary Alan Oppenheimer and Cam Clarke, the official voices of Skeletor® and He-Man/Prince Adam, respectively
  • The Masters of the Universe brand is estimated to have over 30 million fans worldwide
  • Further games based on Mattel properties arriving in 2016; Animoca Brands will launch its first e-book based on Thomas & Friends™ in the September quarter

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Hong Kong, 31 August 2016 – Animoca Brands (ASX: AB1, ‘the Company’) today announced the launch of its latest mobile game, He-Man™ Tappers of Grayskull™. The game is based on the iconic Masters of the Universe® franchise, launched in 1982.

He-Man Tappers of Grayskull is available globally on iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® on the App Store℠, and for Android™ devices on Google Play™.

In He-Man Tappers of Grayskull, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe battle Skeletor and his magically enlarged minions across multiple locations on the planet Eternia®. He-Man and his allies must secure powerful ancient artifacts and defeat wave after wave of gigantic foes to stop Skeletor’s evil plans, thus ensuring safety for Castle Grayskull® and all Eternia.

The app utilises clicker gameplay and features dozens of Masters of the Universe characters including He-Man®, Skeletor®, Teela®, Man-At-Arms®, Battle Cat®, She-Ra®, Orko®, Evil-Lyn®, Beast Man®, Mer-Man®, Sorceress®, Stratos®, Mekaneck®, Scareglow™, Hordak® and others.

He-Man Tappers of Grayskull boasts voice acting by the Emmy Award-nominated Alan Oppenheimer (Skeletor) and Cam Clarke (He-Man, Prince Adam). The game is free to download and play, with optional in-app-purchases.

Masters of the Universe, launched in 1982 as a toy line, was followed by He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983-1984), a hugely popular animated television series produced by Filmation. It became one of the most popular animated shows of the 1980s and has achieved cult status.

The Masters of the Universe brand quickly became a significant global media franchise. The first animated series was followed by another animated series targeted at a female audience (She-Ra®: Princess of Power®, 1983-1984), as well as various comics (including the eponymous series by DC Comics, 2012-present), a live action motion picture Masters of the Universe (1987), several books, additional animated series (1990-1991, 2002-2004), video games (1983-present), board games, records, and multiple successful lines of toys and collectors’ items that are still evolving today.

The Masters of the Universe brand is estimated to have over 30 million fans worldwide, and the new game taps into the popularity of the franchise and the nostalgia of adults everywhere who grew up with the toy and media franchise.

He-Man Tappers of Grayskull is the sixth game released as part of the partnership between Animoca Brands and Mattel. Additional mobile apps are in production, with the first e-book based on Thomas the Tank Engine™ and other characters from Thomas & Friends™ expected to launch in the September quarter.

Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands, commented: “Masters of the Universe is the fifth Mattel brand we have incorporated into our games portfolio. We will continue to leverage Mattel’s highly successful and globally recognised brands as we launch further apps in the coming months, including our highly anticipated first e-book.”

Download Links, Images & Trailer
He-Man: Tappers of Grayskull is available globally free of charge, with optional in-app purchases.
App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id1100110635
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.animocabrands.google.HeManTappersUniverse
Trailer: https://youtu.be/gtUl-vPHnVQ

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE ©2016 Mattel. All rights reserved.

THOMAS & FRIENDS ©2015 Gullane (Thomas) Limited. ©2015 Mattel. All Rights Reserved. ® and ™ designate U.S. trademarks of Mattel, except as noted.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play and Android are trademarks of Google Inc.

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About Animoca Brands
Animoca Brands (ASX:AB1) publishes globally a broad portfolio of mobile games, including several games based on popular intellectual properties such as Garfield, Thomas & Friends™, and Ultraman. The company’s games have been downloaded over 230 million times. Animoca Brands is based in Hong Kong. For more information visit www.animocabrands.com or get updates by following Animoca Brands on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

About Mattel
Mattel is a creations company that inspires the wonder of childhood. Our mission is to be the recognized leader in play, learning and development worldwide. Mattel’s portfolio of global consumer brands includes American Girl®, Barbie®, Fisher-Price®, Hot Wheels®, Monster High® and Thomas & Friends®, among many others. Mattel also creates a wealth of lines and products made in collaboration with leading entertainment and technology companies. With a global workforce of approximately 31,000 people, Mattel operates in 40 countries and territories and sells products in more than 150 nations. Visit us online at www.mattel.com .