E3 – Sniper Elite 4 – Review

I was lucky enough to walk by the Rebellion meeting room at the close of Day 1 at E3 this year. A gentleman by the name of Robbie invited me in not only to put my hands on Sniper Elite 4, but for my first beer in LA!  Thanks Robbie!

After a quick intro to the game I got to sit down and play a mission, now time was running short as not only was it at the end of Day 1 but the convention center staff were anxious to have us all out of there as well. None the less with beer in hand (just like home) I sat down and started to play.

The first thing I noticed was that the movements of this version of Sniper Elite felt more organic than before. Getting used to the controls took all of about 30 seconds, which was great! Mission, blow up a bridge by placing a charge and then shooting it. According to the Rebellion staff only done 3 times that day. At first I got a bit side tracked with trying to land that perfect long-range head shot to the unsuspecting guard patrolling the huts in the distance. Once I missed that and the guards started to rush my position I was quickly thrust into some close quarters combat. Aiming down sites while taking out close targets felt very natural and I was able to take out 4 or 5 guards and hide until they rest forgot I was there.


Sniper Elite 4 - Review - 1
Sniper Elite 4 – Review – 1


I quickly moved up to the bridge (after a falling incident, which by the way, don’t try to jump down off of small cliffs), and started taking out the guards that were in my way. First shot is a beautiful head shot from about 200 yards away and with amazing clarity I am all of a sudden watching the bullet exit my gun and travel across the open space, entering the scope of the opposing Sniper and entering his skull through the eye. Introducing Kill Cam. I actually (louder than intended) exclaimed “That was freaking awesome!”  and it was. Hopefully I will be able to get some in-game footage to be able to show you how amazing it was. Nothing will match the feeling of that first head shot, but there were many after that each one a bit different then the last. When I was done being impressed with myself I carried on to the bridge and with a bit more CQB managed to get the charge in place.


Sniper Elite 4 - Review - 2
Sniper Elite 4 – Review – 2


Now was the time to return to more advantageous point in the map to shoot the charge so that I didn’t blow myself up in the process. As I was fighting my way through the swarm of bad guys, everyone else in the room stood up. Though no one said anything I felt as though my time was done, and while I was distracted by all this background activity I was mercilessly killed by a swarm of bad guys. What a better spot to stop and express my gratitude for fitting me in and oh yes, I chugged the rest of my beer and vacated the LACC.


Sniper Elite 4 - Review - 3
Sniper Elite 4 – Review – 3


I am excited to see what this title brings beyond the demo that we were able to play at E3. I for one will be looking to grab Sniper Elite 4 when it’s finally available, in the mean time, hopefully we will get the chance to bring you some game play via stream in the near future.

LawBreakers Review – Best of E3!

I was pleasantly greeted by the PR rep for LawBreakers as I quickly moseyed on by their meeting room setup on the second floor near the West Hall in the LA Convention Center this week at E3 2016. His greeting made me stop and smell the roses for a minute, which led to me handing him my card and asking for a last-minute appointment any time that they could fit me in. Much to my surprise not a half hour later I got a text saying be here at 5:20. So I raced from my 4 o’clock meeting in the South Hall, using a little known route, and made it just in time to sit down and relax in the lounge area provided by the good folks at LawBreakers.

After a 5-minute video and a brief explanation of the controls they let us loose into the game. There are 4 character types, Assassins, Enforcers, Titans and Vanguards, each type having a Law version and a Breaker version. Both sides have the same abilities to keep the playing field as even as possible, in saying that, the characters are skinned differently and they each have unique back stories.

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The battlefields are in a futuristic earth. The developers were very adamant that it is not a post apocalyptic earth, but an earth of the future where the moon has shattered and society has prospered. So much so that they have learned to control gravity and weaponized it.

Let me explain the map they let us play. It was a futuristic promenade in Los Angeles (how fitting) and in the middle of the map is point B. The map is completely symmetrical when it comes to the distance between the three points. So the key is to lock down the point closest to you and then move to the middle. If you are brave enough you can push straight to the enemy’s spawn and try to capture their point. Mostly the fighting happened around the B point in the middle. The unique part of this fight is that it happens in a 360-degree arena. There is a gravitational anomaly at the B point that allows you to basically ‘dog fight’ around the point. Once I got used to the fact that you could run, jump, fly and blind fire to accelerate yourself it was a blast.


LawBreakers Awards
LawBreakers Awards

Each match lasted about 8-10 minutes, as we raced to capture 13 points each. The time to kill was reasonable… I didn’t feel like I was getting destroyed as soon as an engagement began, unless the Assassin got a hold of me, and I felt that each of the classes was fairly balanced in the gun fights, except for the Assassin. Each class has its optimum engagement range and as long as you were in that range the characters felt amazing to control. Let’s not forget about the surrounding graphics, in which the artists have done a fantastic job. You will see if you get a chance to play in any of the upcoming Alpha/Beta test days.

There was an Alpha run this weekend. I had a chance to play for a bit and I am still in love with it. I honestly believe the Assassin will get a slight re-balance after the Alpha. Other than that I found no faults in the game play itself and by far was my most favorite game that I touched at E3.

E3: Mafia III

Before we get into details, let me tell you the setting; we were taken into an actual theatre made to look like you stepped through a doorway to the late 60’s, blues music in the background, you almost feel like they wanted to put you inside the world of Mafia III. Staying true to the atmosphere, the preview begins with a 60’s style opening and a classic car cruising strait into New Orleans.

This is where we were introduced to an open world game, taking place in 1968; we follow Lincoln Clay, the main characters, return to Nola on pursuit to take the streets from the Italians. Not in a vigilante justice kind of way, no, do not confuse him with a good guy. He is no less a thug than the rest of them; he’s come for revenge against the Italians for the slaughter of the black mob, whom he considered family.

You will find ‘districts’ to control, and missions meant to cripple the henchmen currently holding them. You’ll burn brothels, destroy gambling houses, and even blow up a riverboat. Bayou, Decay Hollow, Frisco Fields, and the French Quarter were just some of the ‘districts’ shown to us. They each had their own unique aspects and commodities being produced and sold; crack, cocaine, and moonshine, to name a few.


Each time a ‘district’ is obtained you assign one of your crew to look after it. Additionally how you choose to distribute your ‘districts’ will shape how your game unfolds, piss of one of your men and you might face a rebellion.

The fight footage had a very third person shooter feel to it, but one of the coolest things has to be how you pick your loadout. Once you’re getting ready for a mission a van pulls up, in typical gangster fashion, and this is where you pick weapons and make purchases all from the back of the van.

Overall 2K has done an awesome job bringing you back in time to a world where mobs and misfits ruled all. You can take revenge in a variety of ways ranging from brute force all the way to, my personal favorite, stalk-and-kill; they’ll never see it coming.

Mafia III is set for release October 7th, 2016. Stay tuned for all things E3 from RPG.

E3: Civilization VI

Civilization is 25 years old and boasts more than 34 million users, so there was no hesitation in dropping by to see them at E3. Their presentation started with an 8bit animation, seemingly from the beginning of this ever-popular game, as we learned a brief history, the graphics quickly progressed to modern day quality.

Civ 6 mods more modern military units

Civ. VI has new ‘Districts’ to offer players, the Religious, Military, Theatre, and Industrial districts. Each of which gives you the ability to not only make new buildings, but to shape the overall behavior of your civilization.


Wars waged will be lost or won based solely on the paths you take, additionally the survival of your people will depend on how well you can manage them politically, and form relationships for trade. This culture is shaped using ‘cards’ to decide how your government, lawmakers, and politicians will act.


Several core changes have been made, and, once you get used to those, the overall life and playability of this game seems endless. Those are all the details for now, but you don’t have to wait long to find out more as Civilization VI release date is set for October 21st, 2016. As always stay tuned to RPG for all of your E3 news and more!

ICYMI E3: Microsoft [Xbox]

Microsoft’s [Xbox] press conference was on Monday, June 13th, and came with a lot of big news. They of course started with the introduction of the Xbox One S, which was described as slimmer, sleeker, and over all 40% smaller. It comes with a 2TB internal hard drive, and of course a new wireless controller. Along with the new controllers they chatted about the Design Lab where you can create custom controllers for yourself.



Also talked about were some of the new Xbox Live features. You will be able to create your own communities, similar to PlayStations community feature, and they now offer an LFG forum to make finding fire teams easier than ever.


‘Project Scorpio’ was broken down, which will be available holiday 2017. It will have one of the most powerful processors, 8cpu cores, and a true 4k resolution gaming experience.


Cross-play was a huge topic for Microsoft, together with their play anywhere feature. Not only is there a large list of games that, when bought digitally, will allow you to play on Xbox or PC for no additional cost, with play anywhere you can literally almost always bring some of your favorite games with you. Cross-play itself will allow you to play with PC players while you play on Xbox or vice versa.


On the list of available cross-play games was Gears of War 4. Not only is Hoard Mode returning exclusively to Xbone and Windows 10, but all co-op modes, as stated, will support cross-play. Gears of War 4 is set for release October 11th, 2016.


Killer Instinct announced they will have a new guest character for you, General Raam, shortly after that Playground Games stopped by to talk about Forza Horizon 3, and give us the world gameplay premier. This led up to Final Fantasy XV, where we got to see “Trial of the Titan,” a special E3 play mode. FFXV has a faster, more fluid battle style than ever before, and is set for release September 30Th, 2016.

The Division’s ‘Underground’ expansion will be available on June 30th, 2016, and Battlefield 1 is available for pre-order. If you pre-order the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition you get lots of extra in-game goodies, and access a full 3 days early on October 18th, otherwise release date is October 21st, 2016.


Minecraft announced their ‘Friendly Update’ which will make the game available on IOS, Android, and Windows 10 cross-play. They also mentioned new add-on’s, texture packs, and Oculus play.


We heard a little bit about the id@xbox program. Basically this will allow Xbox players to preview and play games, then give their feedback. First available for preview will be ‘We Happy Few’ from Compulsion Games.


We also got the announcement of ‘Gwent’ The Witcher Card Game releasing September 2016. Tekken 7, which is set to release early 2017, however Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is free this week only for Xbox Live Gold members. Dead Rising 4 is coming Holiday 2016 for Xbone and Windows 10. Part of play anywhere, ‘Scalebound’ was announced exclusively for Xbone and Windows 10, along with ‘Sea of Thieves’, and ‘State of Decay 2’. Last, but not least Halo Wars 2 is set for a February 21st 2017 release, however the beta is available now.

xbox e3 2015 01

As you can see from this extensive recount, Microsoft came to play this year. We have a lot to look forward in the coming years. Stay tuned to radiopressgaming.com for all of your E3 news and reviews.