More Gilmore Girls?

Netflix and chill? How about Gilmore Girls and chill!

Luke and The Girls
Luke and The Girls

I will freely admit to anyone that asks, Gilmore Girls is my favorite sitcom of all time. I guess some would call this a guilty pleasure. I am ok with that, I would also say that if you haven’t caught an episode of the show, give it a try… but go back to Season 1 (also available on Netflix). That is not to say that the new mini-series is not as good, just without going back to the beginning, the end doesn’t make as much sense.

Rory and Sister
Rory and Sister

The Gilmore Girls writers are brilliant and rivaled only by the delivery of those lines from Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham. Sprinkle in some Edward Herrmann (RIP) and Kelly Bishop and you can’t go wrong. The witty banter between Lorelai and her daughter Rory is what dragged me into the show 17 years ago. At the time I said to my wife, “There is no way they can keep that up!” Boy did they prove me wrong. The show ran for 7 great seasons, every episode full of that legendary banter that dragged me in. It didn’t stop with the two female leads though. They extended the curious means of communication to pretty well the entirety of the cast. Including one Melissa McCarthy, I am not sure what she did before Gilmore Girls, but she sure nailed Sookie St. James.

Fast foward ten years and BAM, Netflix throws a mini-series together, managing to get all of the living cast back together. Rori and Lorelai fire it up without missing a beat. Enter “A Year in the Life”, which had roughly 6 million viewers, one of the top 3 premieres on Netflix in 2016.

The mini series was good, great in fact. All of the old story lines being revived with little hints here and there. The torrid love affair between Rory and her various boy toys blossomed anew. Old friends made appearances and new plot twists formed. In the spirit of not giving away the punchline, I will say that the ending of A Year in the Life left the story line wide open for another round of Girls. However at the same time, they could also leave it there and as a fan I would be satisfied with the closure, the story having come full circle!

I for one would be on board for more of the Girls, however I have to say again (hopefully to be proven wrong), how long can they keep it for?


Iron Fist Trailer Revealed

Netflix is up to their old tricks again. Scooping up every franchise they can and making them Netflix Originals. This time it is Iron Fist.

In case you are unaware Iron Fist is a Marvel Superhero, haven’t heard of him. That’s ok, I really hadn’t either. So I watched the trailer to find out all I needed to know about Iron Fist. Super rich kid who lost his parents. Twist, this one got lost himself as well, and now he has returned to New York the clean up the streets using his super human Chi.

It must be nice to giant piles of money and have super powers… some guys get all the luck.

Looks like this one is going to be on the darker side of the Marvel universe, mainly looking to draw the attention of the younger adults, my guess is the 16-25 crowd.

You can also expect a cross over between Iron Fist and Luke Cage, which is no coincidence as they end up being partners and call themselves Heroes for Hire Inc.  Do I smell a spin off series, I suppose it depends on how many millions they make of these two franchises first.

Enjoy the trailer!


Live Action Final Fantasy TV Spot

To kick off the release of FINAL FANTASY® XV, Square Enix® and Omelet have partnered for “Stand Together,” an action-packed prime-time TV spot that follows four best friends on an epic adventure, featuring Florence + the Machine’s cover of “Stand by Me.”

“The goal of FINAL FANTASY XV has been to make the game as open and as accessible as ever. We wanted to do something different for fans and newcomers of the franchise to invite them to stand together for the celebration of the launch of FINAL FANTASY XV,” said Mat Kishimoto, Square Enix Senior Product Manager. “We’re excited to have worked with Omelet to produce this piece that merges together the worlds of gaming and live action. We’re blown away by the amount of collaborative effort, creative energy, and passion we’ve been able to bring together for this project.”

Shot in Romania’s Padina Forest during the Summer of 2016, the TV spot closely follows the landmark franchise’s mission to encourage the spirit of adventure in everyone by personifying players as the heroes we all want to be.

“FINAL FANTASY is a huge franchise, one of the biggest of all time. So doing this live-action spot was an incredible responsibility. We set out to capture the spirit of adventure that was everywhere when the franchise launched back in 1987, and use that to showcase the emotion and fun of FFXV.” said Josh Smutko, Creative Director at Omelet. He added, “Square Enix is a great partner. They gave us a lot of freedom, but they also collaborated with us the whole way. Together, we were able to make something that lives up to the game.”

Omelet and Square Enix tapped up-and-coming feature film director Kasra Farahani, who is known for his creative work on set for films like Marvel’s Black Panther, Allegiant, Insurgent, and Alice in Wonderland. This is one of Farahani’s first commercial productions.

“I love bringing great creative ideas to life with incredible partners like Omelet and Square Enix but it’s an added bonus when I can fulfill my own dreams at the same time. I cannot imagine any kid who grew up wanting to be a filmmaker, as I did, not jumping at the prospect of making a film about four young insurgents in the woods, bravely standing up to a powerful foe and solving whatever problems may arise,” said Director Kasra Farahani. “At its core, that is exactly what this spot is all about. This is a film about brotherhood, friendship and devotion and we cast a fearless little group of young insurgents to show fans that you can be tossed by circumstance into survival mode, left to your own resources and still come out victorious.”

After years of public anticipation, FINAL FANTASY XV comes with a host of unique features. Outside of the new open world — which gives players free reign to explore — the game also has a completely new battle system that allows for fast, fluid, real-time combat.

About Omelet:
Omelet is an independent boutique creative agency that works with progressive partners including AT&T, Pokémon, Smashbox, and Walmart. The Omelet Studio division creates original content for both brands and its own networks.

About Square Enix, Inc.:
Square Enix, Inc. develops, publishes, distributes and licenses SQUARE ENIX®, EIDOS® and TAITO® branded entertainment content throughout the Americas as part of the Square Enix group of companies. Square Enix, Inc. is affiliated with a global network of leading development studios such as IO Interactive™, Crystal Dynamics®, and Eidos Montréal. The Square Enix group of companies boasts a valuable portfolio of intellectual property, including: FINAL FANTASY®, which has sold over 115 million units worldwide; DRAGON QUEST®, which has sold over 68 million units worldwide; TOMB RAIDER®, which has sold over 46 million units worldwide; and the legendary SPACE INVADERS®. Square Enix, Inc. is a U.S.-based, wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

More information on Square Enix, Inc. can be found at

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The Walking Dead: Hello Lucille

Okay kids, I have given you sufficient time to eat your hearts out since the season 7 premier of The Walking Dead. That being said, if you have not seen it yet you will find no spoiler alert here as the entire Internet has probably ruined the surprise for you anyways. We have so much to chat about!


Let’s start with the most exciting bombshell, GLENN AND ABRAHAM ARE BOTH DEAD AND I COULD NOT BE MORE ECSTATIC IF I TRIED! Seriously, as some one who keeps up with both the graphic series and the TV show, the writers have really put the icing on the cake for me. I have been calling it for months after the close attention show writers had us paying to Abraham this past season, no question he was getting the bat. I’m not shocked. We have to give an approving nod to the way he went out in true mother-dick fashion.


That being said, I was silently hoping they would still find a way for Glenn to meet his demise, and when Daryl stood up and punched Negan it was the happiest moment of my Walking Dead life. I looked at my husband on the couch and said, “Oh my god baby, they’re going to do it.” While it may have come as a major disappointment to you Glenn lovers out there, who mistakenly thought your boy was safe, I want you to understand how, in my opinion, important this was to the series. It’s true this is the writers 2nd chance to change some details from the novels, however there are some key points in both the novels and the show that make this series the unstoppable force of nature it has become. This is not a love story. One of the most significant deaths/entrances is that of Glenn and Negan. Though Abraham has his own fan-base to boast, his death alone would not be enough to bring the Alexandrians to their knees. Additionally, as mentioned in some of my previous articles, Glenn is the only thing left for Maggie to lose. If they even slightly follow her novel path she is going to be a very formidable player in this new game, and the leader she is to become would not be nearly as convincing with out the death of Glenn.


Even more impressive was the role Carl played in this episode. Possibly the first time Carl really stepped into manhood, when he told his dad to “Just do it,” I was shocked. I half expected Rick to chop little mans arm off with out hesitation and then Carl to PMS for the next 3 seasons with no understanding that it would have been to save the rest of the group. I felt like a proud parent. Though, I’m also aware of the unspoken respect Negan has for Carl, and I truly hope writers explore the interest he showed in the one-eyed-boy within the novels.


Other notable moments include the silent nod to put the past in the past between Sasha and Rosita. They both lost a piece of their hearts to Negan, which is sure to play strong on their emotions in this new found war. Maggie’s reaction is also one to note, she is the first to suggest the war. The question at hand is how long will the Alexandrians bend over before the fight they’re now longing for comes to reality. We saw Rick state in next week’s preview that he is not in charge anymore, and many others are sure to be burdened with fear.


This brings us to Negan. Show writers have found a way to embody him to a tee. The way he can break people is practically a super power. I assume after this introduction you probably understand why he is currently considered one of the worst “villains” in the series. I say that with quotes because it is a matter of opinion. We know he used to be a used car salesman. We know he too has built an empire and found a way to survive in a world that now belongs to the dead. Does it make him a villain because he appears to be better at apocalyptic life than our group? Let me assure you friends, the wrath of Negan has just begun.


PREDICTION TIME! Let’s be real, it’s not much of a prediction. We already know we will be meeting the tiger wielding badass Ezekiel. I can speculate a bit that we are just scratching the surface on the Carol – Morgan relationship, and the idea of convincing Carol to head back to Alexandria sounds like a joke. She loves them as if they were her own blood, and while I suspect she would always be there when they’re in need, that’s not where she wants to be anymore. We can also expect lots of colorful language in our future, definitely from Negan; Carl is probably bound to drop an f-bomb or two, (I hope). Don’t forget Negan’s first visit to Rick, I hear they have Halloween plans to die for…


As always stay tuned to Radio Press Gaming for Walking Dead gossip all season long.

Marvel’s Luke Cage – Does Power Man bring the pain?

Let’s get first things out of the way:

  1. I will not be pouring over each episode like many other magazines do in a 13-part review
  2. I will try not to put too many spoilers in this review but I promise nothing since you should have watched it by now.

Now, let’s get into this, shall we?  Luke Cage, a hero with immense strength, bulletproof skin and a healing factor (he did it before Wolverine), brought to the pages of Marvel comics in 1972 has recently graced our TVs and caressed our ocular receptors for a fantastic 13 episode run.  Mike Colter’s representation of the kind-hearted yet stoic Power Man is all but flawless, he looks as though he has been plucked from the pages of recent comic book lore and placed in a room for the casting call, which in the end, he received the role because why wouldn’t he?

To say that the release of this series is timely and topical would be an incredible understatement and possibly even an insult to the current state of the world.  Far too often have we been living in a world where our heroes have been white with no one for any of our coloured comic compatriots to look up to within their own community.  Not only does Luke Cage bring a very real side of what it means to be a Black man in New York but it puts the struggle in our face and makes us look at it with every second we absorb and digest the content.  The reality is, as a white male I will never be able to fully understand the plight but after something like this, it’s not possible to be blind to it unless you’re a complete ignoramus.  This is all what I adore about Luke Cage, it is honest and unafraid to face the issues and to ensure you know about them.

Luke Cage might not be as action packed or as enthralling as Daredevil, it might not be as gruesome or tense as Jessica Jones but it has its own style, its own flow and that thing that makes it special in its own way, some might call it heart.  To try and compare it to either of its counterparts would be unfair and nearly impossible.  Most notably, the characters have real chemistry, they flesh out the story and have real meaning behind their existence.  Interestingly enough, Shades, while being of little note in the comics, played a pivotal role as villainous advisor and antagonist with his own agenda which persisted throughout the entirety of the series.  Cornell Stokes (Cottonmouth) and his cousin Mariah Stokes play polarizing roles, with the same goal in mind.  Cornell is the man behind the curtain of sorts who funds his cousin’s political endeavors, while she accepts the money regrettably at first, we see a serious attitude change half way through as she ends Cornell’s life and takes his place playing criminal Queen Pin and Harlem’s political protector.  This attitude is further spurred by Shades involvement helping her become the criminal mogul we would expect from the family.  Diamondback was a great addition to the list of fantastic and powerful characters, he looms unseen for a large portion of the series without so much of a peep, and even when he shows up you still aren’t quite sure who he is.  Adding to this is his lack of involvement for much of the beginning of his screen time.  It only makes him more mysterious and potential deadly.  Misty Knight, a mainstay in the Heroes for Hire grouping, makes her appearance in the first episode and quickly solidifies her involvement in each and every aspect of the cities goings on.  Her sharp intuition and keen eye, paired with her uncanny ability to place herself at the crime scene and see the whole thing play through make her a valuable asset to both the NYPD and in the future the heroes we that will become the Defenders.  As protagonists go, she finds herself suspecting Luke for much of the time and eventually turns her eyes objectively, even favorably towards his actions.

Marvel's Luke Cage
Marvel’s Luke Cage

Through all of this, Luke Cage ensures the balance of characters and their progression flows nicely through the show.  Old characters who need no introduction show up, for appearances and make references to remind you of their existence in previous series.  Returning for a 4th time is Claire, who this time around, has a much more investment in the scenario and solidifies her persona as the connection between the heroes.  I keep referring to her as the Coulson of Netflix, which seems to be very much the case, considering the little Easter egg I’ll be commenting on later on.

This series did so many things right, and one of them would definitely have to be how they showed Luke’s origin.  In the 4th episode while Luke lay under a building, we get to see his life in jail and how he became the Power Man, the name given to him in the 70’s, often used in TV shows but left out of comics, and used by Pop, the shop owner.  Even the throwback to the iron bangles, tiara and decidedly ugly yellow shirt was a perfect touch, completed only by his line “You look like a damn fool.”  Other perfect little Easter eggs would be the Stan Lee NYPD recruitment poster and the Diamondback’s costume which was a perfect replica of his original from the comics.   The final and most telling of the Easter eggs would be when Claire looks at a self-defense class run by none other than Colleen Wing, someone who plays an integral role in Iron Fist’s story.  Other small but fun cameos, like Method man definitely round out the whole experience and give real life to what could have easily been a missed opportunity had this been approached the wrong way.


As I keep going over what Luke Cage did wrong, it’s tough to overlook the slow dive the last few episodes of the season took as soon as Diamondback showed up.  As villain transition goes, this wasn’t the smoothest, and to be fair he was a bit of a boring character to follow while Luke Cage and Cottonmouth really stood out.  The realization of family connection near the end was a hard sell as well.  Brothers at odds because one of them had an adoption grudge really fell flat to my sense of story. Lastly, Diamondbacks use of HAMMER tech seemed like a sure fire way to fail in his endeavors, when was the last time we saw a piece of HAMMER tech function properly or work well enough to help a villain anyways?  I enjoyed the mysterious overshadow that he had going for him but once he showed up to take front stage, he just didn’t live up to the hype that was portrayed.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 23: Mike Colter, Erik LaRay Harvey as "Diamondback" filming big fight scene in Marvel Studios "Luke Cage" on May 23, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images)
NEW YORK, NY – MAY 23: Mike Colter, Erik LaRay Harvey as “Diamondback” filming big fight scene in Marvel Studios “Luke Cage” on May 23, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images)

In the end, Luke Cage stands on its own two feet and manages to blast through the ceiling in its own way just like Daredevil and Jessica Jones did as well.  Take the time to watch this, or binge it like I did.  You’ll find that it is definitely worth the 13 hours to get through.