Logan Review

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking my boys out on a “Guys Afternoon”

We decided that bad food and a “Superhero” flic was going to be what’s on tap. We had a blast.

The movie we decided to catch was Logan. I am glad we did. The story line was good and whether or not it followed along the canon (or original for those of us that don’t have 15 year old know it alls to tell us what that means) story line, I don’t care.

The writers did a good job on the story line, and passing on the proverbial torch to the next generation. There was enough action to keep me awake. Enough killing to make it a good Wolverine movie. They did scimp out on some of the special effects but it wasn’t so obvious as to distract from the action that was happening at the time.

There was a lot of hype for the first R rated Wolverine movie. It lived up to its R rating, I am sure the boys we laughing at me when I gasped at the first F-Bomb, dropped by non other than Captain Picard himself! Not that you young ones know who that is but before Patrick Stewart was Professor X he was Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the USS Enterprise. I digress…

Patrick Stewart did steal the show for me. Without his character this movie would have been a lot less interesting. I would err on the side of flop. Don’t get me wrong, Hugh Jackman in his last stand as the clawed menace was good, great in fact. But the interactions between him and the Professor drew me into the story fully and completely and kept me in it to the end.

Overall it was a good action flic! Not an amazing one and some of that may have to do with the hype surrounding it.

The boys both gave it 5 controllers… I give it 3 and half, so carry the 1 divide by……..

RPG gives Logan 4 Controllers not a must see but if you find yourself with the time I would move it to the top of the list!






More Gilmore Girls?

Netflix and chill? How about Gilmore Girls and chill!

Luke and The Girls
Luke and The Girls

I will freely admit to anyone that asks, Gilmore Girls is my favorite sitcom of all time. I guess some would call this a guilty pleasure. I am ok with that, I would also say that if you haven’t caught an episode of the show, give it a try… but go back to Season 1 (also available on Netflix). That is not to say that the new mini-series is not as good, just without going back to the beginning, the end doesn’t make as much sense.

Rory and Sister
Rory and Sister

The Gilmore Girls writers are brilliant and rivaled only by the delivery of those lines from Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham. Sprinkle in some Edward Herrmann (RIP) and Kelly Bishop and you can’t go wrong. The witty banter between Lorelai and her daughter Rory is what dragged me into the show 17 years ago. At the time I said to my wife, “There is no way they can keep that up!” Boy did they prove me wrong. The show ran for 7 great seasons, every episode full of that legendary banter that dragged me in. It didn’t stop with the two female leads though. They extended the curious means of communication to pretty well the entirety of the cast. Including one Melissa McCarthy, I am not sure what she did before Gilmore Girls, but she sure nailed Sookie St. James.

Fast foward ten years and BAM, Netflix throws a mini-series together, managing to get all of the living cast back together. Rori and Lorelai fire it up without missing a beat. Enter “A Year in the Life”, which had roughly 6 million viewers, one of the top 3 premieres on Netflix in 2016.

The mini series was good, great in fact. All of the old story lines being revived with little hints here and there. The torrid love affair between Rory and her various boy toys blossomed anew. Old friends made appearances and new plot twists formed. In the spirit of not giving away the punchline, I will say that the ending of A Year in the Life left the story line wide open for another round of Girls. However at the same time, they could also leave it there and as a fan I would be satisfied with the closure, the story having come full circle!

I for one would be on board for more of the Girls, however I have to say again (hopefully to be proven wrong), how long can they keep it for?


KONG: Skull Island

Today I was lucky enough to get an invite to explore Skull Island. It’s the first “perk” I have seen as a Google Local Guide.

This is just another way that Google is continuing to show how close it is to ruling the world!

It’s a bit of fun leading up to the release of Kong: Skull Island. There are about 200 pictures and a little dot in the middle of the ocean for you to “explore”

There is also a link to Discover Skull Island.

Featuring Cryptozoology on the new Monsters to be featured in the movie.

Mother Long Legs
Mother Long Legs

There are the Monarch Field Recordings found here. Which give you a bit of background on Houston Brooks and some of his discoveries on the island.

The Weaver Photo Journal is quite interesting as well. They are photos that were taken by Mason Weaver in 1973. They tell an interesting story on their own.


Weaver Pics
Weaver Pics

Last but not least they share a few of the Locations from the film, in GIF format. Nice touch.



It all looks quite spectacular. Here is the trailer in case you missed it. KONG: Skull Island debuts on March 10, 2017

Psst. who can resist Samuel L. Jackson and monsters in the same MF Movie?

Iron Fist Trailer Revealed

Netflix is up to their old tricks again. Scooping up every franchise they can and making them Netflix Originals. This time it is Iron Fist.

In case you are unaware Iron Fist is a Marvel Superhero, haven’t heard of him. That’s ok, I really hadn’t either. So I watched the trailer to find out all I needed to know about Iron Fist. Super rich kid who lost his parents. Twist, this one got lost himself as well, and now he has returned to New York the clean up the streets using his super human Chi.

It must be nice to giant piles of money and have super powers… some guys get all the luck.

Looks like this one is going to be on the darker side of the Marvel universe, mainly looking to draw the attention of the younger adults, my guess is the 16-25 crowd.

You can also expect a cross over between Iron Fist and Luke Cage, which is no coincidence as they end up being partners and call themselves Heroes for Hire Inc.  Do I smell a spin off series, I suppose it depends on how many millions they make of these two franchises first.

Enjoy the trailer!


The Avengers Project

The Avengers Project Video


It turns out the the creator of the acclaimed Deus-Ex and Tomb Raider series has branched out to superheroes.

Square-Enix along with Marvel, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montreal are collaborating on publishing several games based on the Marvel Super Heroes. The Avengers will be the first game of the new endeavor.

Here is the official Press Release:


Original Blockbuster Games in Development at Award-Winning Square Enix Studios Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montréal
GLENDALE, Calif. & TOKYO, JAPAN (January 26, 2017) – Marvel Entertainment and SQUARE ENIX® today announced a new multi-year, multi-game licensing agreement to develop and publish original games based on beloved Marvel Super Heroes, beginning with The Avengers. This newly established partnership pairs the creative minds at Marvel and Square Enix for one of the most powerful alliances in interactive entertainment. The first blockbuster game is being crafted by Crystal Dynamics®, developers of the award-winning TOMB RAIDER® series, in collaboration with Eidos-Montréal, the home of the critically acclaimed and award-winning DEUS EX game series.

The Avengers project is being designed for gamers worldwide and will be packed with all the characters, environments, and iconic moments that have thrilled longtime fans of the franchise. Featuring a completely original story, it will introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come. More details on The Avengers project and other games will be announced in 2018.

The world premiere teaser trailer of The Avengers project can be seen here.

“By partnering with Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montréal, we are now working with two of the industry’s most talented and respected game development studios to bring Marvel stories to life in ways our fans have never experienced,“ said Jay Ong, Senior Vice President, Games & Innovation, Marvel Entertainment. “The Avengers project is a perfect example of how Marvel is making games a key part of the landscape for Marvel storytelling, alongside comics, television and film. We can only do this by matching our greatest Super Heroes with the world’s top developers, such as the creative minds at Square Enix.”

“Marvel’s diverse, innovative universe has created millions of longtime fans, including all of us,” said Phil Rogers, CEO, Square Enix Americas and Europe. “It’s exciting to bring together Square Enix’s award-winning development studios with Marvel’s extraordinary storytellers to establish a new entertainment powerhouse.  This collaboration of passion and talent will craft epic, imaginative experiences allowing gamers to live out their Super Hero dreams like never before.”

Crystal Dynamics is the studio behind the critically acclaimed and world-famous TOMB RAIDER franchise, which has sold over 48 million copies worldwide. With over 30 video game titles released and hundreds of awards, the heroine Lara Croft has been a cultural icon for 20 years and has made an indelible mark on virtually every facet of entertainment. The most recent release, Rise of the Tomb Raider®, has received over 100 awards and nominations and is one of the highest rated games on next generation systems.

Eidos-Montréal is the award-winning studio behind the relaunch of the DEUS EX series. In 2011, the studio made its mark with the critically acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution®. Its sequel, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™, was released in 2016 and received more than 100 awards and nominations.

About Square Enix, Inc.
Square Enix, Inc. develops, publishes, distributes and licenses SQUARE ENIX®, EIDOS® and TAITO® branded entertainment content throughout the Americas as part of the Square Enix group of companies. Square Enix, Inc. is affiliated with a global network of leading development studios such as IO Interactive™, Crystal Dynamics®, and Eidos Montréal. The Square Enix group of companies boasts a valuable portfolio of intellectual property including: FINAL FANTASY, which has sold over 115 million units worldwide; DRAGON QUEST®, which has sold over 68 million units worldwide; TOMB RAIDER®, which has sold over 48 million units worldwide; and the legendary SPACE INVADERS®. Square Enix, Inc. is a U.S.-based, wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

More information on Square Enix, Inc. can be found at http://www.na.square-enix.com. For more information on Crystal Dynamics, please visit http://www.crystald.com, their Twitter account, or their LinkedIn page. For more information about Eidos-Montreal, please visit https://eidosmontreal.com/, their Twitter account, or theirLinkedIn page.

About Marvel Entertainment
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy-five years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit marvel.com. © 2017 MARVEL