Okay kids, I have given you sufficient time to eat your hearts out since the season 7 premier of The Walking Dead. That being said, if you have not seen it yet you will find no spoiler alert here as the entire Internet has probably ruined the surprise for you anyways. We have so much to chat about!


Let’s start with the most exciting bombshell, GLENN AND ABRAHAM ARE BOTH DEAD AND I COULD NOT BE MORE ECSTATIC IF I TRIED! Seriously, as some one who keeps up with both the graphic series and the TV show, the writers have really put the icing on the cake for me. I have been calling it for months after the close attention show writers had us paying to Abraham this past season, no question he was getting the bat. I’m not shocked. We have to give an approving nod to the way he went out in true mother-dick fashion.


That being said, I was silently hoping they would still find a way for Glenn to meet his demise, and when Daryl stood up and punched Negan it was the happiest moment of my Walking Dead life. I looked at my husband on the couch and said, “Oh my god baby, they’re going to do it.” While it may have come as a major disappointment to you Glenn lovers out there, who mistakenly thought your boy was safe, I want you to understand how, in my opinion, important this was to the series. It’s true this is the writers 2nd chance to change some details from the novels, however there are some key points in both the novels and the show that make this series the unstoppable force of nature it has become. This is not a love story. One of the most significant deaths/entrances is that of Glenn and Negan. Though Abraham has his own fan-base to boast, his death alone would not be enough to bring the Alexandrians to their knees. Additionally, as mentioned in some of my previous articles, Glenn is the only thing left for Maggie to lose. If they even slightly follow her novel path she is going to be a very formidable player in this new game, and the leader she is to become would not be nearly as convincing with out the death of Glenn.


Even more impressive was the role Carl played in this episode. Possibly the first time Carl really stepped into manhood, when he told his dad to “Just do it,” I was shocked. I half expected Rick to chop little mans arm off with out hesitation and then Carl to PMS for the next 3 seasons with no understanding that it would have been to save the rest of the group. I felt like a proud parent. Though, I’m also aware of the unspoken respect Negan has for Carl, and I truly hope writers explore the interest he showed in the one-eyed-boy within the novels.


Other notable moments include the silent nod to put the past in the past between Sasha and Rosita. They both lost a piece of their hearts to Negan, which is sure to play strong on their emotions in this new found war. Maggie’s reaction is also one to note, she is the first to suggest the war. The question at hand is how long will the Alexandrians bend over before the fight they’re now longing for comes to reality. We saw Rick state in next week’s preview that he is not in charge anymore, and many others are sure to be burdened with fear.


This brings us to Negan. Show writers have found a way to embody him to a tee. The way he can break people is practically a super power. I assume after this introduction you probably understand why he is currently considered one of the worst “villains” in the series. I say that with quotes because it is a matter of opinion. We know he used to be a used car salesman. We know he too has built an empire and found a way to survive in a world that now belongs to the dead. Does it make him a villain because he appears to be better at apocalyptic life than our group? Let me assure you friends, the wrath of Negan has just begun.


PREDICTION TIME! Let’s be real, it’s not much of a prediction. We already know we will be meeting the tiger wielding badass Ezekiel. I can speculate a bit that we are just scratching the surface on the Carol – Morgan relationship, and the idea of convincing Carol to head back to Alexandria sounds like a joke. She loves them as if they were her own blood, and while I suspect she would always be there when they’re in need, that’s not where she wants to be anymore. We can also expect lots of colorful language in our future, definitely from Negan; Carl is probably bound to drop an f-bomb or two, (I hope). Don’t forget Negan’s first visit to Rick, I hear they have Halloween plans to die for…


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