It was a warm morning in 2016 before the birds were up when I sat down at my streaming station, coffee and fresh scones (thank you daughter) in hand ready to become an Iron Lord. What happened next was both disappointing and oddly fun. We are all assuming that Bungie‘s servers were overwhelmed by the number of sick people trying to login at 5 am EDT. Once the initial phase of “COME ON BUNGIE!”, passed and then we all made Tapir memes, my clan and I proceeded to have some of the funniest, most intriguing (and mostly inappropriate) conversation we have had in some time. The stream didn’t stop, I would laugh and curse and repeat that which could be repeated. One of the best moments to come out of the morning was the realization that when I queued at over the 350,000th in line. Destiny is not dead! Nay Sayers eat your crow now please!

We will have several videos up on the YouTube channel over the next couple of days that will show you our progression through Rise of Iron.

In this article we will recap some of our favorite moments and leave you with some screen shots.

There will be spoilers, so if you don’t want them, come back later!

If I had to describe the DLC in one word it would be Nostalgic, if I had to rate it out of 10 stars, it would get 10. But let’s hear what one of our other authors had to say;

What can I say so far about Destiny’s new expansion Rise of Iron?  I’ve only just finished the main set of story missions and so far I’ve enjoyed the experience, the reasoning behind the inception if the Iron Lords and the reasoning behind how Saladin became the guardian of this insane clandestine power, if you can call it that, called SIVA. 

Just like the Taken King narrative, this iteration of story is packed with great moments, hilarious quips and some intensely nostalgic feeling.  Let me explain the nostalgia factor.  Keith Ferguson, the voice of the Iron Lord, the one I like to call Saladin Prime, commands so much attention and creates such a presence that you’d almost mistake him as Peter Cullen, the voice of the storied Optimus Prime.  The combination of his voice and the late pre-collapse storyline which you are there to end post-collapse, makes every undertaking feel like an important one.  While I’ve only been through the story and a portion of the way through one of the post-story quests, this expansion gives me something fun to work on for at least a few more months.

-Nate-Shadowhak, RPG Author

The story of Lord Saladin and his Iron Lords unfolding in front of our eyes was amazing. A whole new enemy that only Saladin and few select others have known about for some time, conspiracy inside the ranks of the Guardians is what I hear.

The opening cinematic is gorgeous and the score is like a little piece of heaven caressing my ear drums. As Nate pointed out, Keith Ferguson does a fantastic job of voicing Saladin. We have all seen the first mission, videos being released about a week before the DLC, and it ok. It’s the first time that I can think of that we got to shoot our weapons from a vehicle while it was in motion. I died a few times over complicating the jump at the top of the mountain. Thankfully it got way better after that. Not that there was anything wrong with the first mission, I would have just hated for it to be the pinnacle of the story missions.

Being able to explore the Cosmodrome and kill the Fallen Laser Cutting Buggers (not the official name), which I spent way too much time doing, and the detail of change they implemented was something else. I know it’s a skin of an existing space but it was still amazing to see. The season had changed and the Fallen were infesting.

The new Quest lines were challenging at times, but not too hard. I didn’t have to go to YouTube or Reddit to figure anything out, which is a good thing. The return of the Gjallarhorn and the fact that it was a Quest line to attain it was amazing in my opinion. Exclusion due to RNG was a horrible thing in year 1. Not to mention that using Crucible maps, and small un-important areas in those maps, to further extend the lore universe was brilliant.


It took me about 2 hours to complete the new story mode and ascend to Felwinter’s Peak. A reasonable amount of gameplay in my opinion for $40.  After that I started to grind for the raid. Got my Warlock “raid ready” for Friday’s 2 pm edt release of the raid. Little did I know that 354 was no were near Raid ready.

That’s not to say that the first, second or third areas gave us any real trouble. The mechanics were fun to figure out, and having to run pretty well all the sections in twos was fun as well. The bloody SIVA version of the “Liam Neessons” are super annoying, especially when they basically one hit you. Above all else being able to repeatedly yell, grab your balls and throw them was priceless.

The last boss however is where things got complicated. Dropping into the room, starting the encounter and everything, including Shanks and Dregs, are way above my Light Level, made things interesting. Once we figured out the mechanics of the room, we beat our heads against the wall for the next several hours trying to do enough DPS. With an average Light Level of under 360 we came to realize that no matter how perfect we were with our DPS, there was absolutely no way we had enough power to kill him….. sigh!

From beginning to end this is by far the best piece of content Bungie has released for the Destiny franchise.

There were mysteries inside mysteries, more lore then one brain could handle, new characters that brought more lore, new weapons, maps, story missions and the best Raid to date. Yes in my opinion better the Vault of Glass. i have only one concern and one statement.

First, I think the should have given us a week to get to the proper Light Level to run the Raid. As a group of dads that all have full-time jobs, not in the gaming industry, it was impossible for us to be ready. That gave a completely unfair advantage to the people who are able to play 8 hours a day. Something that would have been mitigated with a week to level instead of 3 days.

Secondly, where do they go from here?

Great job Bungie and good luck! RixGamingPS4XBox OneBungie,Destiny,Review,Rise of IronIt was a warm morning in 2016 before the birds were up when I sat down at my streaming station, coffee and fresh scones (thank you daughter) in hand ready to become an Iron Lord. What happened next was both disappointing and oddly fun. We are all assuming that...