So if you recall waaaay back in June when RPG was at E3, we had a chance to sit down with Astro and chat about their flagship model headset for next-gen and PC gaming.  Today, it seems, Astro has released a new model of the A50.

It looks as though the A50 model has been beefed up with refined audio characteristics and a slew of other new features and functionality including a new base station transmitter, low latency 5GHz tech, Astro Command center software, Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround, built-in mix amp, Mod kit upgradeability and a ton more.  Along with all the newer features, the price tag stays the same, so you won’t be shelling out anymore than you usually do, just save your $300 (US) and head on over to

“We’ve optimized the new A50 to make it the best fully wireless companion
for your next-gen console and PC” said Aron Drayer, VP of Marketing for
ASTRO Gaming.  “The A50 represents ASTRO’s commitment to delivering
superior audio products and highlights our focus on providing gamers with
the most immersive and customizable gaming experiences available.”

It sounds like this is going to be the headset to get for the foreseeable future.  You can check below for a full spec list on this amazing product to see if it suits your fancy and blows your socks off or if you’re too lazy to read, catch the release trailer right here.  We also have a fun little behind the scenes video below the launch trailer that gives us some insight behind the build.



The new *ASTRO A50 Wireless + Base Station* feature set includes:

– *ASTRO Audio – *Tuned for gaming by ASTRO’s team of gaming audio
experts, ASTRO Audio delivers accurate audiophile-grade performance no
matter the source.
– *ASTRO Comfort and Quality – * Engineered for extended gaming
sessions, the ASTRO A50 is not only comfortable, but also durable,
lightweight, and easily adjustable.
– *Dolby® Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound* – Get the drop on opponents with
stunning 7.1 channel surround sound thanks to pinpoint spatial accuracy.
Also provides an expansive digital audio experience from Dolby®-encoded
movies, TV, and music content.
– *Precision Boom Mic* – A highly precise, noise-cancelling boom mic
that’s optimized for Xbox One™, PlayStation® 4, PC, Mac®, and other voice
communication. Flip-Up Mute functionality mutes voice output and
conveniently stows the microphone when not in use.
– *Battery Life and Auto Power *– Play for extended periods with more
than 15 hours of battery life.  The new Auto On/Off conserves battery life
when not in use and awakes from Sleep Mode once the unit is picked up.
– *Powerful ASTRO Command Center** Software* – Adjust Noise Gate, Side
Tone, and Mic Levels for crystal clear communication.  Alter game volume,
chat audio, mic, and AUX channels individually to generate custom audio
mixes for streaming output.  Future A50 Headset and Base Station firmware
updates will also be accessible via the ASTRO Command Center software.
– *Low-Latency 5GHz Wireless* – The ASTRO A50 features 5GHz technology
that provides secure wireless connectivity between the A50 Headset and
ASTRO Base Station Transmitter.  This helps eliminate interference from
other wireless devices and keeps audio output in-sync with video sources.
– *ASTRO Base Station Transmitter* – The stylish new ASTRO Base Station
features magnetic charging contacts for simple docking and charging. The
ASTRO Base Station also provides automatic headset pairing and indication
of battery status, and Dolby® Surround On/Off.  Connectivity includes
TOSLink (optical) pass-through, AUX input/output and USB for power and
streaming on PC.
– *Built-In MixAmp™ *– Take complete control of your audio with ASTRO’s
integrated MixAmp™ technology. ASTRO’s MixAmp allows adjustment of audio
levels such as Master Volume and Game:Voice Balancing for the optimal mix.
– *Custom EQ Modes* – Three EQ modes presets are available. These
include ASTRO (tuned with precise bass for general gaming), PRO (tuned for
precise mid and high detail for streaming and pro gaming) and STUDIO
(neutral for accuracy and best for movies and music).  Users can create,
customize, save, and share EQ profiles using ASTRO Command Center Software
to suit any listening experience or environment.
– *ASTRO A50 Mod Kit Compatible* – Transform your ASTRO A50 Headset with
the optional ASTRO A50 Mod Kit for improved comfort, style, and noise
isolation.  The A50 Mod Kit includes a synthetic leather headband and
leather ear cushions that can be conveniently swapped with the original
cushions and provide additional noise-cancellation and comfort.

*About ASTRO Gaming*
ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment and lifestyle products
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Gaming was spun-off from design powerhouse ASTRO Studios, known in the
gaming world for designing the Xbox 360®, along with Alienware™ and HP®
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