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Is the exasperation of tackling your most cherished online games alone getting you down? Do you wish that you could find a Looking For Group app that would help to introduce you to new friends, teams, or help you create your own gaming team? Look no further, TeamCraft.io is just the LFG treasure that you have been looking for.

Originally known as LFGDBDestiny, TeamCraft’s name was changed to reflect its broader range of gaming communities involved in its use. It was in May 2016 when I was first introduced to this wonderful LFG gaming app. At that time, the app only had two gaming communities within its application. Now, TeamCraft.io is home to over twenty gaming communities such as Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Destiny, The Division, and Halo 5 just to name a few. Adding to that, the simplicity of the use of this application is just amazing.

To use TeamCraft.io just simply download the app from the App Store or Google play. Next, register and login to the app. Then, choose the preferred gaming communities from the app’s ever growing list of titles. Finally, the user has the freedom of choice to either create or join an event lobby of his or her own choice. Gaming events can be created up to seven days in advance. There is also no limit on how many events that a person can schedule for. Adding to that, users will have the opportunity to engage in group chat messaging within their event and also receive push notifications fifteen minutes prior to the start of the created/joined event. However, there is even more to do at the TeamCraft.io website.

At their website, gamers who utilize the app can also sign-up to become weekly crafters. As a crafter, helpful gamers will be able to create weekly reoccurring events which invites other gamers to join in for the event. If the said game event organizer is a streamer, then he or she just simply needs to include his or her streaming URL in the weekly crafter registration form. Upon doing so, an auto tweet will be sent out with the streamer’s name, date of the event, and a link for the event along with the streamer’s URL. For Twitch and YouTube streamers, this has the potential for the generation of a larger audience. This is a great way for streamers to gain exposure; all thanks to the creative minds at TeamCraft.io.

Based in Orem, Utah, TeamCraft started out as a one-man side project that has turned into a four-person team. The team includes Austin Lovell (Developer), Nial Spencer (Designer), Jake Ellis (Public Relations), and Mindi Lovell (Marketing). It was Mindi Lovell to whom this writer had the pleasure of sitting down with and asking a few questions about TeamCraft.io.

To start up our interview, the question was asked of Lovell about the history of TeamCraft she replied, “The development of the app started two years ago after the original Destiny (the game) release. It started as something special that the developer personally wanted to use and hoped that others would also enjoy as well. That first year alone we gained about 250,000 users of the app.” When asked to tell what sets TeamCraft.io apart from other LFG apps, Mindi stated, “One of the main differences right now is that we allow events to be scheduled ahead of time. Most of the other LFG’s have players looking to play right then.” She then added, “Our goal is to not only provide people with a group but with a high quality group. By scheduling ahead, it gives the leader a chance to talk to his or her team and do some research. If someone isn’t a right fit, the leader can boot them. Having a plan and a strategy before the event starts is key for completing events smoothly and in a timely manner.”

When asked about the future plans of TeamCraft, she replied, “Our future plans are to keep adding in more games and more features that set us farther apart from the other LFG’s. One feature that is coming out soon is the web version of the app. One of the main benefits it will have will be to allow players to share a link directly to their event.” Mindi then goes on to add, “Another big goal of ours is to be in different gaming conventions next year, such as at Comic Con running their tournament system.”

With the simplicity of use, consistent addition of beneficial features, and the huge plans for this app, TeamCraft.io is definitely worth trying out. Furthermore, the slogan that the folks at TeamCraft use is “Never Game Alone”. With over 100,000 downloads at the Google play store alone, their slogan statement is definitely one that has the numbers to back it up with.


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