Exactly four weeks from today is the season premier of The Walking Dead, October 23rd, 2016. While the most notable answer we are looking forward to is “Who did Negan kill?” I think we have so much more to direct our attention to. The first episode will set the tone for exactly how powerful our primary cast is or is not, not to mention the direction the series will take in comparison to the comics. We have reached a notable turning point in the TV series.


Let’s address what you, the fans, feel is most important first, WHO THE F**K IS GOING TO DIE? Well honestly we cannot be sure, as the series shows major differences from the novel, however if I were to place my money down, I would be willing to bet it either follows the novel’s storyline and hacks Glenn, or to differentiate the storyline Abraham gets the bat. The only reason my money would be on Abraham over Glenn is due to several episodes being dedicated to us stepping into his life, his story. They took the hardened military man with no fucks to give and turned him into a character we should pay attention to. He has feelings, history, and potential, everything you want in a future solider of the Rick army, but why did they choose to direct our attention to him? Would it be as a replacement for Glenn or to make us really feel something when Negan bashes his head in with Lucille?


Maybe another major concern is our cookie-baking-badass, Carol. The last we saw Carol had gone soft. While we grew to admire the solo savior, a warrior in her own right, it would appear that after the group decided to kill in cold blood vs. necessity she feels a significant distance. Maybe even relating more to Morgan than she ever had with the group. We know she leaves, we know something terrible happens, and she is more than ready for death. Will she be thankful for the intervention Morgan offers her or will she implode with anger? They came across another group, will this be their new home? Will Morgan and Carol develop a bond as nomads and continue on their own? So many questions come up when we consider the future of Carol. We want her back as she is one of the strongest members within Alexandria, however psychologically I think that she will never be who she was, so going back to the group is not an option for her.

Rebellion will be forefront this season when we see Carl. He is not the same little boy that we wished death upon in the first few seasons. As Rick begins to bend over at the hand of Negan we will see a rebellious Carl. He has grown to a confident counterpart of the group and will not agree with the “safe” decisions of his father to give into the will of Negan. This is probably where we will see a major connection to the graphic novel as Negan develops a special soft spot for Carl. He will show a certain interest in the boy, and I truly think this is a relationship the TV series will not be able to ignore as it proves to have major significance in the novel series.


I also hope to see great things from Maggie this season. The graphic novel highlights her leadership/achievements well, and I think the show runners would be remiss to ignore this in their character. While there are extreme differences in TV Maggie vs. novel Maggie, the role as leader she is destined to step into would dull the series if not awknowledged.


I’m sure team Daryl is in panic, however it seems unjust. Though he is an easy character to keep or kill as he is not present in the novels, Daryl has a unique strength as a character to take the place of any other strong role/character you may have been attached to. While it is easy for creators to get rid of him, as they have no storyline to fill, it is also easy for them to place him in the position of any character that may have broken your heart. Daryl Dixon fills the void, so the likelyhood of writers getting rid of him is quite slim, #TeamDaryl can rest easy.


Though there are many more characters you may initially find insignificant, I urge you to watch closely this season and pay attention to the ones you have expected nothing from. You find more heroes in the silence than in the riot. And if by chance you don’t read the series, I suggest you start, the differences are what makes The Walking Dead the unstoppable force is has become. Stay tuned for all things TWD this season with Radio Press Gaming.

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