With a small list of comics released this week we take a look back into the past two weeks to check some of the notable releases while pulling one particularly special Civil War II comic from Wednesday’s pull list.  Enjoy RPG Reads September 2.


Gwenpool #5

When we left Gwenpool and her hairy band of unsuspecting mercs last time, Gwen had just sent MODOK into space and somehow solidified herself as a part of the team while free them from MODOK.  This little instance resulted in MODOK’s client reaching out to Gwen as they new head of the mercenary band, as if things couldn’t get any worse, right?  A meeting is scheduled for the client and Gwen to meet to renegotiate the terms of their current arrangement and see to it that there is still a steady flow of income for the team while MODOK is away floating in space.  Reluctantly, she heads out to the meet, but along the way runs into Miles Morales (Spider-Man).  Star struck and wanting to help in his heroic efforts she completely forgets her meeting and starts to run around helping.  Meanwhile, the client calls back to headquarters and asks where Gwen is leaving the team in the lurch and also trying to figure out why she didn’t show to the meeting.  Interestingly enough, the client seems not so worried, he figures he will just sit and wait until Gwen gets to him as he is very interested and excited regardless.  In the end, this issue feels like it took a total left turn, Gwen was going to help her team, get something good going and then suddenly “OMG SPIDER-MAN!”, star struck, she veers from the path and task at hand.  It was a pretty hilarious and interesting way for them to disrupt the story and cause problems for her and the team.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I’m pretty excited to see how she ends up rectifying the situation if she can at all in the coming issues.


Captain America: Steve Rogers #4

Have you ever seen Tropic Thunder?  Remember what you never do?  Seriously!  The same thing applies to going full Super Villain, but I guess that is just what Cap has done.  This whole memory altering thing that Kubik has done to Steve is awesome!  Early in the comic, Captain America finds the secret lair of Ghost, a super intelligent villain who uses genetically altered gorillas as his henchmen, and commandeer it for the special kind of tech that is being developed.  Now, instantly Ghost’s most fearsome apes attack Cap, but he dispatches them with ease, and when I say dispatch, I don’t mean he just knocks them out because that would be old Cap, not Hydra Cap.  There is blood on his shield and severed heads, Steve isn’t playing around anymore and its all for the glory of Hydra.  When we thought it couldn’t get worse, Captain America takes Ghost’s arm and uses him to transfer over control of the whole base, then kills Ghost as his presence is both no longer needed and a liability.  Oh, did I also mention that Cap wants to kill Red Skull?  That’s his master plan, and its amazing!  What I love about this turn of events is that I’ve always felt Hydra was something different to all of its leaders, not just world domination, not just purism, not just Nazism as many see it.  Baron Zemo had his vision, Wolfgang Von Strucker has his, and Red Skull had his roots in Nazism which is the most prominent facet of the group.  Now we see Steve with his vision, his ideology bleeding through and his want and need for Hydra to evolve and conquer, but with Red Skull his vision can not be seen.  As much as this change has been controversial, I’ve loved every second of the story and am looking forward to the next issues to come.


Choosing Sides #5

So what happens when Civil War erupts again in the superhero world and a Canadian group of heroes gets caught in the fray?  Well, they seek advice from the one person they trust the most, their Prime Minister, our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  It’s weird to say that, I never thought I would see our PM in the pages of my favorite comics, but I guess his father was also in Uncanny X-men #120 back in ’79, so it’s kind of like continuing a tradition… maybe?  Either way, Justin grills the team and lets them know that a pre-cognitive vision does not mean for certain that an event will happen be it an invasion, a crime or otherwise.  He encourages his team to really think about the consequences of this whole interaction because in the end, imprisoning people before they have committed a crime just isn’t Canadian, not is it humane in the first place, it goes against the most basic of civil rights.  After his chat with Alpha Flight, he has his “weekly” sparring session with tony Stark, and gives him similar advice, he tells Tony that he doesn’t think either side is doing the right thing, that there is a middle ground no one has explored yet because everyone’s egos are too big to see the whole picture.  After landing a decisive blow and flooring Stark, he apologizes in true Canadian fashion, helps the man up and says “No more fighting tonight, Tony. You fight enough.  You all fight too much, with the wrong opponents.”  It’s a real statement to the fact that, in the end the superhero community has an issue with finding solid ground to work together on and avoid catastrophes like the current situation that everyone has been enveloped in.  Choosing Sides is a great bit of story telling, so I definitely recommend picking it up.

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