We got an opportunity to review a new comic this week called Alterlife which will be covered below, but along with that we were able to pick up more Gwenpool and Gods of War.  Enjoy RPG Reads September 14.



Reading AlterLife was an interesting treat as I’ve been finding myself watching and reading more media which involves alternate timelines or changing history, think Stein’s Gate if you delve into the anime realm.  When we start off we find Jake, our protagonist, waiting for the train reminiscing about his past, the death of his family and living without them.  Soon he finds himself in a situation where he is dying saving the life of someone else.  This scene facilitates our first transition where Jake jumps to his AlterLife, his consciousness is sent to another reality or timeline where he hasn’t died and so begins the real story.  As someone who has seen plenty of styles of art, I feel this works with the style of story and lends itself to a visualization that is often not utilized.  The story itself felt off the first time through, but after a second read through, the placement of events started to make much more sense.  As you approach the end of the first issue things start to get weirder and weirder but this also results in drawing you farther into the story.  The final few scenes really solidify the idea that each death moves Jake into an alternate life with a twist that even I didn’t expect.  This is my kind of story, and for those who like the weird and wonderful, you might want to think of taking a look when it is available.



Gwenpool #6

With Gwen currently chumming around with Spider-Man we further the adventure of her distraction from the job at hand.  Gwen, while hanging out with Miles remembers a comic she reads about the highschool bomber in the Ultimate Universe.  It turns out the bomber was also transported to the current universe because he was an “important character”.  Using this information, both Spider-Man and Gwen make their way over to the bombers house to investigate and find that Gwen’s knowledge is indeed correct.  In the end after some interesting and extreme events Gwen is taken in by the police and saved from jail by her lawyer eventually returning to the mercs to try to fix her missed appointment.  This story continues to amuse and entertain, while still managing to be heartfelt and full of fun.  Only 6 issues in and I’ll likely not stop reading for the foreseeable future.  Gwenpool to plenty of people was seen as a faddish character much like Spider-Gwen, but it seems that her time in the Marvel universe is set to continue, and I for one am all for it.




Civil War 2: Gods Of War #3/4

Our last encounter with Hercules and his merry troupe of gods, ended in Hercules going berserk because of a mark places upon him by the Storm.  The third issue revolves around the avengers and the old gods working to subdue Hercules’s rage.  Captain America seemed to hold the power to that, as our rampaging old god seemed to be in despair due to the fact that he is shunned in the superhero community and never asked to help with the more pressing matters.  After Captain America confirms that they do indeed need Herc’s powers and utters the “Avengers Assemble” call, Hercules is jogged from his trance.  In the end, Cap asks Hercules to help but is turned down as he is looking to finish the quarrel he started with the new gods, the Storm.  The 4th issue revolves around the Old God’s plan to crush the storm and their impending battle.  The events of this issue hit a climax that feels all too soon, but in the end the conclusion seems fake, or maybe rushed?  I can’t tell especially with the way the final outro message is handled.  I guess, I’ll let you know how it goes in the next issue, and if you’ve been following this as well, you should probably continue to take the time to find out with me.

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