This week has some surprise gems in the release list, and as I promised with one of my first reviews, I have taken a step back to pick up Empress, a story that didn’t really capture me in the first issue.  Enjoy RPG Reads Aug 12.


Empress #2-5

To say I was underwhelmed by this story’s maiden voyage would be a bit of an understatement but as I have learned in the past, not every first encounter will be positive and sometimes it just takes a bit of time.  Empress released its 5th issue today and I can tell you that I’m glad I kept my promise to return, the 4 issues following the 1st have been nothing but action packed, fun and heartwarming to say the least.  Finding more out about the Empresses children is a ton of fun, also the dynamic that new characters brings to the group of run aways is always interesting.  In the end its really nice to see that each person brings their own specialty to the comic, whether its the roguish body guard, the tactically intelligent mother, the fierce warrior daughter or the tinkering son who’s motto is “its not junk, its just stuff you don’t know what to do with yet..”.  I’ll be diving back into this comic again on the next issue release and I feel like if you might have been lead astray by my initial review of the main issue, you might want to go back and check this out.




Accused #1

As we know, Hawkeye has recently undergone trial for the murder of Bruce Banner/The Hulk.  Much to our surprise he walked away a free man.  This comic starts what Marvel considers a One-Shot, a one time run of the series to dive deeper into the inner workings of what is really going on in the whole situation.  Matt Murdock (DareDevil) is approached by the department of Justice to handle the role of prosecutor in the case of Hawkeye v Banner.  As the case progresses things seem to be going a little bit too well for Matt’s side of the fight, the defense lawyer brings him aside and even puts this in his face saying he should look a little farther into it.  Later that night, Matt takes the investigation into his own hands and finds out that the government is looking to bring back the Superhero registration act and want to use this case as a cornerstone to its implementation.  As you can assume things get more interesting from there, but this whole issue has each hero fighting a moral battle, Matt even said that his only purpose in the whole matter was to ensure Clint Barton (Hawkeye) saw the point of a needle, but not without a fair trial.  This series should prove to be much more interesting that I originally thought.  If we are able to see much more of the seedy underbelly of what is going on outside the world of superheroes, I’m all in.  Definitely pick this up if you are looking for a little more story to flesh out the whole Civil War II experience.



Deathstroke Rebirth

Deathstroke, mercenary for hire and one of Batman’s most formidable adversaries gets his own story.  This is pretty great from a fan standpoint as Deathstroke has always been one of the most compelling characters in the world of DC.  He might be hired for the money but he always seems to have his own agenda besides those who hired him.  This tells the story of his current escapades as well as his time as a father with his two boys.  Plenty happens in this story to make you believe he is a cold hearted killer but near the end something happens in the middle of a mission that makes him ask a few people for a pittance to start a new contract, and this contract is something personal to him.  It is always a good time when these characters are explored for their depth and their humanity, because the more real a villain, the more you want to root for them, the more they become terrifying, and the more you want to see them again and again.  As much as there was very little in this comic, there was also quite a it to grasp, so keep an eye on this and future issues, it promises to be a good story.


Superwoman #1

Clark Kent is dead, he died in an explosion of red energy which ended his life and changed the life of Lois Lane forever.  All of those weird and amazing powers Superman had, well Lois Lane gets them too.  The story starts out with Lois talking to Lana Lang, asking her to help her focus her powers like she did for Clark back in the day.  It’s also interesting to note, that Lana is taking care of the Kent farm, her best friend disappears from the face of the earth, someone has to take care of it right?  As we go through the comic we find that Lex is playing Superman with his own super exo-suit, he has also created a massive MillerUncategorizedDC,Deathstroke,Empress,Marvel,Superwoman,the AccusedThis week has some surprise gems in the release list, and as I promised with one of my first reviews, I have taken a step back to pick up Empress, a story that didn't really capture me in the first issue.  Enjoy RPG Reads Aug 12. Empress #2-5 To say I...