Over the past couple of weeks Bungie has released a shit ton of information on their next expansion in the Destiverse.

Here is what I believe….

Bungie has done a fantastic job of treading water in a  dangerous environment. They are constantly surrounded by people who want to know everything that they are doing, everything they have planned and I would go as far as to say those same people want to know everything that they may be planning and haven’t even thought of yet!

We live in an instant gratification society and it’s only getting worse. For myself I would prefer for them to say, hey we have a new expansion coming. Here is the name of the expansion and the and the maps and the missions. I would be happy with that and hold back on the rest for us to discover! Unfortunately I am in the minority, most people want everything they can get their grubby little hands on, as fast as they can get it and as much as they can get. Then they want more besides.

Here is some of the art released by Bungie yesterday

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Keeping all of that in mind, Bungie has been cirticised over and over again for not sharing. This time around however, I believe they have nailed it.

They have shared more then I would like, but for some it’s not quite enough. Knowing that they can’t keep everyone happy, I think they have toed the line just right.

Here’s what we know (a summary from a reddit.com article)

General Information:

  • Rise of Iron is a $30 expansion that will be released on Tuesday, September 20th [SOURCE] and The Wrath of The Machine(The Raid) will be released Friday, September 23rd [SOURCE]
  • Destiny: The Collection Is a $60 bundle which includes Destiny as well as all the DLCs that have been released including Rise of Iron.
    • Here is the Playstation Link for it
    • Here is the Xbox Link for it
  • Destiny: The Collection upgrade Is a $40 bundle made for players that already own The Taken King on their old gen consoles that are looking to buy Destiny on their new gen consoles
    • Here is the PlayStation link for it
    • Here is the Xbox link for it
  • Rise of Iron is going to include:
    • New Story Missions and quests [SOURCE]
    • New Gear [SOURCE]
    • New Raid [SOURCE]
    • Light Level Increase (385 with The Normal mode raid and 400 with the hard mode raid) [SOURCE]
    • New Strike called The Wretched eye strike [SOURCE] , Gameplay of the strike is available Here
    • 2 revamped strikes, Devil’s lair as well as the Summoning pits [SOURCE]
    • New Plaguelands Zone [SOURCE]. Here is a Picture of the Plaguelands in the Directory.
    • New Social Space [SOURCE]
    • New Crucible Mode Called Supremacy [SOURCE] Supremacy is like Kill confirmed from Call of Duty. Killing a guardian and grabbing his crest earns you points. Supremacy will feature 6v6, 3v3,as well as Rumble Supremacy [SOURCE] . Gameplay of Supremacy is available Here
    • Private Matches [SOURCE]
    • A New Cooperative arena called Archon’s Forge [SOURCE] Which is going to be a wave based activity and it has a new theme.
  • The PlayStation exclusives for the expansion will be:
  • The Taken King PlayStation Exclusives are not going to be available to the Xbox when Rise of Iron drops. They will be exclusive till at least Fall 2017. [SOURCE]
  • Rise of Iron Will include a new Spark of Light (character booster) [SOURCE]
  • Buying Destiny: The Collection will get you both the Taken King and the Rise of Iron character booster SOURCE
  • Xur is not going to appear on Felwinter peak [SOURCE]
  • Old raids are not going to be coming back with Rise of Iron [SOURCE]
  • The Infusion system is going to remain the same. The Infusion is going to give you 100% of the light level. [SOURCE]
  • You will be able to Infuse your year 2 gear to the year 3 light level
  • There is not going to be More Vault space as soon as Rise of Iron launches. However, The live team is working on a solution to increase vault space [SOURCE]
  • Patrol is still going to be a 3-man activity [SOURCE]
  • A new Clan Roster feature will be added in Rise of Iron which will allow you to see all of your clan mates ingame without having to add every one of your clan mates, You’ll be able to invite them and join them from the Clan Roster [SOURCE]
  • Ornaments are going to have a separate inventory slot as seen Here [SOURCE]
  • Record Books are going to have a separate inventory slot as seen Here [SOURCE]
  • Class items in Rise of Iron will be affected by shaders again [SOURCE]
  • Everything in Rise of Iron can get you to max light level. People have the choice to do whatever they want and still level up.[SOURCE]
  • There are going to be Poisoned chests in the Plaguelands [SOURCE]
  • There is a new item called Dormant Siva Cluster which is basically like a Year 3 Calcified Fragment [SOURCE]
  • A new item called Radiant Treasures will be added in Rise of Iron which will contain Ornaments as well as other stuff[SOURCE]. The only way we know of right now to acquire Radiant Treasures is by doing the weekly as seen Here
  • Festival of the Lost will be back again this October [SOURCE]
  • Sparrow Racing league (SRL) will be back in December [SOURCE]


  • For Preodering Rise of Iron you will receive an Iron Gjallarhorn [SOURCE] as well as an Iron Gjallarwing [SOURCE] Which is basically a black and silver version of the Gjallarhorn and the Gjallarwing.
  • The Normal version of the Gjallarhorn will still be obtainable from a quest and the normal version of the Gjallarwing will still be obtainable from Eververse.
  • The Cosmodrome is going to be covered with snow in Rise of Iron and will look a lot different. Here is a glimpse of how it’s going to look.
  • You’ll have to retake Felwinter peak from the fallen before it becomes a social space. [SOURCE]
  • Iron Banner Will be hosted on Felwinter peak and there is going to be a special area that opens up every time iron banner is on [SOURCE]
  • You are going to get the Iron Gjallarhorn in your postmaster as soon as you boot up Rise of Iron. However, you won’t be able to claim it unless you do the Gjallarhorn quest [SOURCE]
  • The Destiny title screen is going to change in Rise of Iron to have Rise of Iron written on it and to have the new sound track[SOURCE]
  • A new type of Engrams will be added in Rise of Iron called Iron Engrams. These engrams will basically reward you with some of the old Iron Banner gear
  • A new Rise of Iron Record Book will be added which comeplete as you play the Rise of Iron and will reward you with the Iron Lords gear [SOURCE]
  • Artifacts will be re-worked so that they provide all guardians with a game changing perk/ability [SOURCE]
    • Memory of Radeghast: adds a new ability for sword heavy weapons to reflect projectiles, including ogre blasts and crucible rockets. [SOURCE] as well as Supers like Nova Bomb, Hammer of Sol, or Shadowshot. [SOURCE]
    • Memory of Perun: adds ability to highlight guardians with full super in yellow, and guardians with low health in red[SOURCE] , Gameplay of Memory of Perun is available Here.
    • Memory of Jolder: removes sprint cooldown [SOURCE] Gameplay of Memory of Jolder is available Here
    • Memory of Silmar: dramatically reduces any damage dealt by DoT effects (such as Thorn poison, Firebolts, and Incendiary grenades) [SOURCE]
    • Memory of Felwinter: lose your super, but gain an extra grenade and melee, and boost to all stats [SOURCE] Gameplay of Memory of Felwinter is available Here
    • Memory of Gheleon: gain detailed radar at all times, including when aiming a primary (grants precision radar and third eye) [SOURCE] Gameplay of Memory of Gheleon is available Here
    • Memory of Skorri: speeds super recharge for all nearby allies [SOURCE]
    • Memory of Timur: Melee an enemy for a chance to make them an ally for a short time [SOURCE] Gameplay of Memory of Timur is available Here
    • The only 2 Iron Lords that don’t have an Artifact are Lord Salain and Efrideet
  • The Memory of Timur Artifact will not do anything in the crucible [SOURCE]
  • Artifacts are going to be Class agnostic, and able to be freely used with any class and subclass. [SOURCE]
  • The Iron Lords Artifacts will be obtainable by doing missions for Tyra Karn [SOURCE]
  • There are going to be 3 new artifacts that you can get from Eververse that are going to overlay an effect over your screen to allow you to take pictures or capture videos. They aren’t game changing at all. [SOURCE]
  • 2 New strike playlists will be added in Rise of Iron, as seen Here [SOURCE]
  • A new item will be added called Skeleton Keys this item is obtainable from all strike playlists. Skeleton Keys allow you to open a chest at the end of each strike which rewards you with guaranteed strike specific loot [SOURCE]
  • A new Item class called Ornaments will be added in the Rise of Iron. Ornaments allow players to enhance the geometry and appearance of individual armor pieces, as well as change the appearance of exotic weapons [SOURCE] . Here are all the ornaments we know of:
    • An Ornament for your Rise of Iron Trials of Osiris gear that you obtain from going flawless in Trials. Here is how the Trials of Osiris gear looks with this ornament.
    • An Ornament which makes your Iron Lord gear have fire inside of it. Here is how it looks [SOURCE]
    • An Ornament which adds a red glow to your Raid Gear. Here is how it looks.
    • An Ornament which allows you to have a gold Monte Carlo. Here is how it looks. [SOURCE]
    • An Ornament which allows you to have a black and red Monte Carlo. Here is how it looks. [SOURCE]
    • An Ornament which allows you to have a Black and Gold Hawkmoon. Here is how it looks. [SOURCE]
    • An Ornament which allows you to have a Hawkmoon covered with Blood. Here is how it looks. [SOURCE]
    • An Ornament which allows you to have a Red and Black Nemesis Star. Here is how it looks. [SOURCE]
    • An Ornament which allows you to have a Black Nemesis Star. Here is how it looks. [SOURCE]
  • Factions will have new gear as well as a new Faction ghost and a Faction sparrow to offer.
    • Vanity items will have a higher chance of dropping [SOURCE]
    • You will get to choose between An Armor package, Weapon Package or a Chroma Armor Package when you receive a faction package [SOURCE]
  • Some Year 1 guns will be coming back such as Thorn [SOURCE] , Gjallarhorn [SOURCE] , and The Khvostov [SOURCE]
  • The Khovostov Will be the most customize-able gun in the game. having over 100 different configurations. [SOURCE] Players will be able to switch between
  • Here are all the perks that are going to be on The Khvostov [SOURCE]
    Scopes Firing Mode Frame Options Extras Rate of Fire
    Classic Scope Automatic Hammer forged Extended Mag 450 RPM
    Modernized Scope Burst Fire Rifled Barrel Counterbalance 900 RPM
    NONE Semi Auto Braced Frame Rangefinder NONE
  • Some Year 1 guns will be coming back such as 77 wizard [SOURCE]
  • Some Legendary scout rifles will be in the same archetype as Mida Multi Tool [SOURCE]
  • We know right now of 3 Exotics. The Nemesis star, The Trespasser, As Well as TheKhvostov.Gameplay of The Trespasser is available Here
  • Eververse is going to have new emotes to sell in Rise of Iron

PvP Content:

  • Iron Banner is going to receive some changes[SOURCE], such as:
    • The Tempered buff will be removed [SOURCE]
    • The Iron Banner Shader, Class item, and Emblem will no longer increase how much score you get. [SOURCE]
    • Reaching rank 5 will be made easier. Bungie is hoping that players will reach rank 5 and then keep playing because the loot is good. [SOURCE]
  • The first Year 3 Iron Banner is going to be Supremacy [SOURCE]
  • Iron Banner will offer new:
    • Weapons, Here is how some of the weapons look like.
    • Armor, Here is how some of the armor looks like.
    • Ghost, Here is how the ghost looks like.
    • Ship, Here is how the ship looks [SOURCE]
  • Trials of Osiris is going to include:
    • New Armor, Here is how the armor looks like.
    • New Weapons, Here is how the scout rifle looks like.
    • A new Ornament, Here is how the gear looks with an ornament
  • Trials of Osiris is not going to be available straightaway. Players will have to wait till it comes by [SOURCE]
  • We are going to get 4 Crucible maps with the Rise of Iron: [SOURCE]
    • Last Exit: A subway terminal on the Ishtar Sink of Venus that has been eroded away by the ocean. It provides players will a lot of close-quarter combat opportunities as they explore abandoned maintenance hallways along the tracks.[SOURCE]
    • Skyline: Clovis Bray was an exo science group that performed technical research and engineering in a variety of fields. Years ago the group built this way station, which overlooks Mars’ vast landscape, as a kind of welcoming center for human colonist looking to settle on the planet. This map features a lot of vertical combat space.[SOURCE]
    • Floating Gardens: This map focuses on the Vex. Players will be treated to a stunning sunrise as they do battle in a massive circular shrine, which the Vex built on top of a huge spire in Venus’s upper atmosphere. [SOURCE] . Gameplay on Floating Gardens is available Here
    • Icarus (PlayStation Exclusive): Icarus is the name of a massive Golden Age solar collector that has been built into one of the craters on Mercury’s surface. The sun looms large in the background as players duke it out in Mercury’s harsh elements. The solar collector is also full of mirrors used to collect the sun’s energy. This map is also a PlayStation-exclusive. [SOURCE] . Gameplay on Icarus is available Here
  • The Salvage Scoring system will be revamped in Rise of Iron [SOURCE]
  • Private Matches will allow you to play against your friends and will allow you to customize [SOURCE]:
  • In Private Matches you can have up to 6 players on a team. That means 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 6v1, and whatever else you can think of. [SOURCE]
  • Private matches will be available to all players that own The Taken King [SOURCE]
  • Upon completing a Private Match, players may earn loot in the Post Game Activity Rewards screen. Only Rare gear can be awarded. [SOURCE]
  • Exotic Engrams cannot drop from Private Matches, and the Exotic Particles effect granted by Three of Coins will not be consumed upon the completion of a Private Match. [SOURCE]
  • Progress may be earned in Private Matches toward Daily Crucible Bounties and Test Weapons received from the Gunsmith.[SOURCE]
  • Progress MAY NOT be earned in Private Matches toward Quests, Record Books, or Weekly Bounties. [SOURCE]

Thank you too THConer for all of the hard work and permission to repost.

What’s left? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out. September 20th is approaching fast and I know there is a case of Destivitis in my near future… cough, cough!!

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