This week we were inundated with more Civil War II issues which I couldn’t help but read, but I also took some time to veer from the typical path and jump into the most recent Ant-Man issue which was surprisingly entertaining.  Enjoy RPG reads July 29.


Captain America: Steve Rogers #3

So we all know Captain America has had his memories altered to think he’s an undercover Hydra agent working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and this expands upon the story.  It gives us a glimpse into the supposed past that Steve’s mom had raising him as part of Hydra and what they were able to do for his family.  We also see Steve talking to a hologram of Redskull for most of the comic discussing his mistakes and his weaknesses, his inability to kill and eradicate useless players in Hydra’s organization.  This is really where things get interesting because as much as Steve has had his memories altered and his allegiance to Hydra implanted, who he is at his core really shines through.  He sees usefulness where Redskull sees none, and he shows compassion where Skull expects there to be none.  This might lead to the undoing of Kubik’s memory alteration in the future, but until then all we know is that Steve Rogers isn’t necessarily playing by Red Skulls rules but is still acting as if his mission has been completed.  He was supposed to dispose of Erik Selvig and Baron Zemo but it seems that he couldn’t quite bring himself to do that.  In the end, this is a great lead up to what might end up being a weird and interesting climax for this story arc.  In the end if you can’t commit to making Captain America a total Hydra devotee make the story fun at least, right?  Bring out those personality traits that you don’t see all that often in comic stories and flesh out the narrative a bit and you’ll have something special.  I think at the end of all of this, we will have something special, this has been a great turning point in the comic, so if you haven’t already, start reading up.



Captain Marvel #7

Last time we read Captain Marvel, she was explaining to a council of members from across the universe how herself and a large group of organized super humans were able to thwart a celestial being attack that could have meant the end of the world.  She didn’t give many details since there wasn’t many to give, but she was quickly distracted and dispatched to take care of an old enemy using a bio-weapon on towns people in the US.  Here in this issue she is in front of the same group of people who are blasting her for not giving up information on Ulysses future sight powers.  This issue was over-all a little dry since it discussed the events of what happened last issue and the fallout between a move that caused distrust between the commander of Alpha flight and the council who appointed her.  In the end its a decent transition point and segue into what is going to be happening next in her world of Civil War and should prove to be entertaining nonetheless.





Astonishing Ant-Man #10

Scott Lang, criminal extraordinaire and also the current Ant-Man, he has been for quite some time.  When we pick up with him in this issue of the Astonishing Ant-Man he is in a glowing bubble of energy trapped.  Turns out a heist went terribly wrong for him and his team of Uber Super Villains, yes there is an app where you can hire super villains in the Marvel Universe and Scott Lang does use it much like Uber.  The great part about this whole thing is Cassie Lang, Scott’s younger daughter, finds out he’s been caught and petitions to the team to help save him.  Half of the team runs off saying they completed the job, one even saying “I hope this doesn’t negatively affect my star rating on the app”.  What is great is to see the banter between Scott Lang and Darren Cross, as well to see how, much like in past comics, daughters and sons come in to be heroes as well.  Unfortunately, at the end of all of this, Cassie saves her father but the two are arrested.  This comic even from day one has always had an interesting way of telling a story.  It has always been narrated from Scott’s point of view and how he speaks is very real, sarcastic and funny, it makes it really fun and engaging for the reader to sit through a story that might not be all that engrossing.  To be honest, it is Ant-man and he isn’t always the most extraordinary hero.  If you want something fun and entertaining to read though, start-up with this series, Scott Lang and his ridiculous shenanigans are bound to please.



Civil War II #4

What would you do if you had to be the one to tell She-Hulk that someone killed her bigger badder cousin?  The one that saved her life with a blood transfusion all those years ago and blessed her with the powers of a gamma Hulk?  I’m pretty sure I would crap myself, but Captain Marvel did it and somehow came out without a bruise.  She is also still on the path of using Ulysses as a channel of stopping future crimes, while tony analyses his brain.  He finds out that the reason he can “see the future” is because his InHuman power is to collect all the data of the world and profile the future, multiple events are shown to be possible and he experiences them but his power can’t be 100% trusted.  This is shown in a terrible truth when Captain Marvel picks up a young girl with an empty briefcase accused of being part of Hydra.  Captain Marvel interrogates the young woman but soon finds that she can’t get anything from her because it looks as though she really isn’t part of the organization.  In the end, the girl is saved by Nightcrawler and the brawl we were all expecting to happen starts right at the end, cue issue cliffhanger and wait for Civil War II #5.  This quick overview will never do this issue justice, there is so much to take in, so much to think about and look at that you should really just go out and pick this up or steal a friends copy to read.  Just go and enjoy this because its good and its enlightening. MillerComicsLiteratureAnt-Man,Captain America,Captain Marvel,Civil War IIThis week we were inundated with more Civil War II issues which I couldn't help but read, but I also took some time to veer from the typical path and jump into the most recent Ant-Man issue which was surprisingly entertaining.  Enjoy RPG reads July 29. Captain America: Steve Rogers...