Here’s the thing, occasionally you run across people that just brighten your whole day, and you want to hate them with all of your being, really you do, but they are so genuinely kind and full of heart you can’t. When I started this interview for RPG’s June 2016 Featured Streamer, I was doubtful. This sweet soul was way too good to be true, but after watching some of her streams and hearing from her one on one, I have to admit her truism and positivity wears on you. Even the darkest of souls need a little sunshine in their life, and that is exactly what PrincessKitley has to offer. By the end of this interview, you’ll want to be part of the “Kitley Clan Fam” too.


RPG: When did you start streaming and why?


Kitley: For years I felt that I had this message within myself that I wanted to spread to the world around me, but I couldn’t find the route to do so. I tried everything from songwriting, to drawing, to writing, and nothing seemed to fit into my life quite like I wanted it to. It was like I tried fitting a jigsaw piece into the wrong spot. Nothing seemed to align with what I truly wanted and felt.


One day, my wonderful gaming friend, and first mod, Rush, told me, “ Jess, you should stream your gameplay on Twitch. People would like you!” I laughed hysterically and asked, “ What in the world is a Twitch? And why would anyone want to watch me fail at video games?” Then it dawned on me, streaming on Twitch was what I wanted to do. Since that moment, streaming is the jigsaw piece that worked for me in spreading my message that it’s ok to not quite get it, and to feel like you don’t fit into the huddled masses; you are a gem, and you are meant to carry out a huge purpose! Welcome to my stream, relax, and be prepared for wonderful things in the making. In short, I started streaming in October of 2015, and I couldn’t be happier about the incredible journey I have experienced since that point in time.


RPG: Well we are certainly happy you chose this path. So tell me, what makes you different from other streamers?


Kitley: Wow, what a question. It sounds silly, but, I am a completely open book. I’m not just a streamer. I’m not just a gamer. I’m a “lifer” as I like to call it. I’m a life streamer in the sense that I’m comfortable talking about anything going on, not just in my life, but in the lives of other’s around me. What I do is create a world where the little guys can come hang out, be themselves, and not feel ashamed of whom they are. It’s a place to act obnoxious, have a wonderful time, and feel comfortable reaching out to anyone in chat, or myself, about events or struggles going on in their lives. I have built myself a family of “Kitleys”, or what I call the “Kitley Clan Fam.”


I guess one other quality is that I am simply carefree. I can stream, fresh out of work, wearing just a baggy tee and sweat pants, and still manage to produce quality content. What matters at the end of the day is that I had a good time, and allowed my fellow Kitley’s to have a good time as well. I speak my mind when I need to, I speak the words in my heart, and I don’t have much of care for those who poke fun at that. I am a real person, with real feelings, and I never let the idea of being a growing streamer take away from that. I’m proud of what I am giving.


RPG: I think that is an attitude everyone can appreciate! Tell me, what exactly is a “Kitley?”


Kitley: A Kitley is a word I came up with that means cat. I know it’s entirely random, but I love the word. I think it will stick, I swear, “Kitleys” will be a thing in the future, and can look back with pride, like, I totally did that!


RPG: A trend waiting to happen. Primarily what do you stream?


Kitley: I primarily stream Destiny, which is absolutely my sole purpose for existence at the moment. I do play and stream other games though, Halo, COD, Fallout 4, GTA 5, and pretty much any shooters on the market. My heart is mostly dedicated to Destiny though.


RPG: Do you strictly play on Xbox?


Kitley: I actually just purchased a PS4 a few weeks ago, so I am open to play and stream on both XBone and PS4. If you want my honest preference, then I have to say Xbox is where I feel most at home. I absolutely love the Xbox community, and I am proud to say it is my go-to console. PS4 is great as well. I have a lot of heart for what both consoles have to offer.


RPG: Do you have a schedule you generally stick to?


Kitley: I try to create this realistic daily schedule, but it gets difficult from day to day. I work full time as an HR Specialist for the Department of the Navy, along with fitting in quality time with loved ones, exercising, and eating somewhere in there everyday. I take it all a day at a time, ideally I try to stream Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6pm EST. All I can say is life happens, and it is absolutely ok to miss out on streaming every now and then, because we are human. We need breaks, and sometimes time to ourselves.


RPG: I agree, everyone needs to human sometimes. What do you find most rewarding about streaming?


Kitley: My gosh! There is so much, but what I love most is the community I have built since I started streaming. I started Twitch because I felt that I had a message in my heart to spread to the world around me, but it turns out the world around me had a lot to teach me as well. From my mods, to my follower family, to my viewers, and even fellow streamers, they have all done so much in showing me what life is truly about. There were times of struggle I have faced since starting this journey, and the community picked me back up and held my hand through it all. They encouraged me to dust of my shoulders, and keep chasing my dream simply because they believed in my dreams. The amount of love the streaming community has to offer is the reason I keep going with this dream. I could not have made it so far with out the support from the world around me. My little community makes this ball of feels morph into a teary-eyed bundle of joy and for that I am eternally thankful.


RPG: Aside from your Kitley community, is there anyone else you would like to thank for your success as a streamer?


Kitley: I have many people to thank for my success! YOWZA! But all right, first the person who got me started, Rush, deserves all the love in the world; he believed in me before I even believed in myself. From there I have to thank my mods, who put in ENDLESS hours putting up with my antics, and endless obstacles making sure I never gave up on my dream. That goes out to: Coach, Leon, Lauren, Kalaban, Vice, Rush, Princess Fox, JCDavey, Zimm, Wanderhack, 2k, and Vick.


From there I have to thank my sister, Mandy, for believing in me. It means so much to finally say that she is my trusted accomplice in this journey. Mandy taught me so much, and she continues to push me harder as we chase after the dream, full speed ahead.
Now Kalaban, (Kalaban4001), Kal Hunter had done so much for me in just the span of the past month, and he honestly brought out that twinkle in my eye, even when I was almost ready to give up streaming. Kal is everything a boyfriend should be, and I am blessed to have that man in my life to remind me of the purpose streaming serves. I am so thankful to have him in my life. He is an incredible streamer as well, who has taught me so much about life. I can not thank him enough for pouring his heart out to me, not just as a streamer and boyfriend, but as my dear friend as well.


Fellow streamers who have openly supported me, and reached out, just because you have enough room in your heart, I love you to death. Lono taught me how to be a better streamer, so I could feel like less of a noob. Wanderhack, the graphics and love! And other fellow streamers like Akyalas, SpartanSonny, 3vil_Aura, GuardianOutpost, and KeybladeSarah. They are all incredible with lots of love to give to the community.


The rest of who I have to thank is my dedicated Kitley Clan Fam, even the lurkers. Without their endless hours of sitting around staring at my empty gaming chair, or the people who watched me like a daily routine in their busy lives. People who have donated to me even if they struggle financially, people who have raided/hosted me, I am eternally grateful for all of the dedication and support.


The final point in this mental journey is to thank those who stopped in with a heart full of darkness, the minds filled with hate and anger. Some call them trolls, but I call them trollie pollie ollies, people who are struggling in life. With their struggle of the most painful kinds, I found another sense of love in those around me.


RPG: Clearly you have an enviable support system, I know a few of those you mentioned and I can attest to their pure awesomeness in the gaming community. Aside from that do you have any events coming up?


Kitley: I am looking into doing a charity stream, but I haven’t received complete details on that yet, so be on the look out! The bigger the impact I can make the better. If anyone has any recommendations please reach out to me at, let’s have a chat!


RPG: What tips can you share for other female streamers?
Kitley: Honestly, my advice for other female gamers/streamers is just do you. A lot of times I find that beauty finds this instant correlation with streaming, and it is great to feel confident and beautiful, but don’t lose sight of who you really are. Don’t be just a gamer girl, and don’t be just a female streamer. Be yourself, be proud, because you are brave for putting yourself out there in the first place, you kick butt! Don’t let the guy gamers intimidate you. They produce great content with great skill, but don’t let a single one of them kick you down for simply being a girl gamer. If you’re not happy with how you play, practice. If you can’t find joy in the game you stream, try another game. Don’t let any sole person walk in and take charge of YOUR life, YOUR passion, YOUR dream, or YOUR destiny. You are fighting through stream struggles, you’re a warrior, so keep fighting like one everyday, and make your fellow girl gamers proud!
RPG: And what do you enjoy outside of gaming?


Kitley: Outside of gaming I love music; singing, songwriting, playing guitar, and piano. I love photography, doing photo-shoots with friends, anything artsy-fartsy. Other than that I am entirely about unhealthy food, and I love lounging with my friends and loved ones.


RPG: Last question, where can we connect with you?


Kitley: You can connect with me through Twitch, at I also have a YouTube Channel, which is not too established, but will be soon enough! You can find me anywhere as PrincessKitley!

YouTube: PrincessKitley

Instagram: @PrincessKitley


Does she not just make you feel all the feels?! You can sit there with your strait face and act like she didn’t put a smile deep down in your soul if you want to, but we all know you’re lying. This world needs more Kitleys and less negativity. I am over joyed to represent her on RPG this month! Go hang out with her on Twitch, lurk if you must, but know that if you want to chat you’re in a safe and happy place. RPG sends all the love with you sweet, sweet lady. Thanks for being you! EvansComicsCommunityGamingPS4SonyXBox OneBungie,Destiny,Featured Streamer,RPG,Twitch,TwitterHere’s the thing, occasionally you run across people that just brighten your whole day, and you want to hate them with all of your being, really you do, but they are so genuinely kind and full of heart you can’t. When I started this interview for RPG’s June 2016...