There was a good list of new releases today, but I decided to focus on the roots of my comic fandom and give some love to Marvel and DC this time around.  Hope you enjoy this weeks RPG Reads June 8.


Flash: Rebirth

DC is doing a thing, and its doing this thing incredibly well.  Starting off with DCU rebirth and looping in separate hero story arcs to create this years running mass story.  It seems like a huge undertaking but they are doing what seems to be a bang up job.  Barry Allen, Flash, is a forensic scientist with the Star City PD, he gets tied up in a murder that is looking far too familiar.  It’s much like the murder of his own mother.  Previously when something like this came up, he made a bad call and prevented his mother’s death, this time visions plague him and soon he finds himself face to face with kid Flash.  He found outs his memories have been lost and something is altering the timeline, thus his journey starts.

I’ve always liked The Flash and the energy he brings to a story whether its his own or to the Justice League.  In a world where Batman and Superman are the core focus of DC, few other characters have the opportunity to shine like Flash does in this run.  He is intelligent, witty and while he might not seem like it, powerful in his own right.  This intro feels like the right direction and start to a well planned and though out version of the Flash that I’ll be keeping an eye on.



Wonder Woman: Rebirth

If you were asked who your favorite female hero of all time is, what would you say?  Which woman in comics embodied what it meant to stand up and break the mold from the very beginning?  I might have two answers for you actually, but Wonder Woman would be my first answer.  The great thing about this comic is that it gives a brief history of who Diana the Amazonian Queen is, how she came to be, who her mother and her father are and how she came to this particular juncture in her life.  She’s lead her people to war and victory, she’s fought and defeated the God of War, claiming his mantle and now she finds that she has been deceived, seduced by lies and no longer knows what truth is.  This is the start of her story, she realizes that many things in her life lack truth, that there is deception about, so she does the one thing she knows to do, she uses the lasso of truth, but on herself.  This leads her at the end of the read, to Olympus, the home of her father.

What I really enjoyed about this start, is that there is a conflict with who Wonder Woman is from the beginning.  She is unsure so she goes looking for answers in places that we haven’t seen her really look before.  Another fun fact is that Wonder Woman: Rebirth will have two story arcs that compliment each other.  Starting in two weeks we will also have a story that focuses on her past while this story focuses on her present.  I’m excited to see where this goes since its n’t easy to win an audience with Wonder Woman but when done right, the result can be spectacular.


Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man

To be honest, I’m getting a little burnt out on Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, I know a bunch of fan boys would be burning my front door down for saying that but I am.  Luckily for me, Spider-man’s outing with the new Future seeing InHuman offers some light-hearted and fun deviations from the norm.  Parker has taken over the baxter building (previously FF base of operations) and created Parker Industries.  He focuses on tech and employs reformed villains, people like his old friend Harry Osborn who was once the Goblin.  The great thing about this, is that we see Spider-man playing a mentor, giving the old responsibility speech to Ulysses (the InHuman) but also offering him a way to use his power for other ventures, mainly seeing if Parker’s technology is going to be useful and if it can be used to save more people than the heroes do.  Spider-man has been through a ton of things, and seem some weird shit in his day, so it stands to reason he might be a good mentor to anyone new to the hero game.

What I really like about this, is that there isn’t much action but it sets up for some good plot points in the future, there are people who work for Parker that have turned over a new leaf and some that might not have the best intentions at heart.  I’m enjoying the Civil War II line but I still can’t shake this feeling of ‘meh’ with Spider-man as much as I enjoy the story here.  I recommend giving it shot either way, but if you are also Spider-burnt, you might want to avoid it.


Civil War II: Gods of War

Hercules, you don’t see much of him in comics these days but here you are at the forefront of Gods of War.  He’s a hero with a God complex, pardon the pun.  His whole life he has been working with other heroes but not necessarily doing much good, only much damage.  We find him at first wallowing in his sorrows in a pub fighting temptation which happens to be a glass of whiskey sitting in front of him.  Amadeus Cho, joins him as a friend to comfort him.  Later they hear a commotion outside only to find almost every hero fighting off a celestial incursion.  Realizing he has been left out due to his reputation he looks to help but is accosted by a group of new gods called “The storm”.  It seems that only he can see them, so as he fights, it looks like he is swinging at air, making other heroes look in confusion and recommending he leave the battle to them and just go home.

This whole comic has me hooked, Hercules was a pretty nothing character to me in the past, but seeing him humanized a bit and fighting a group that is outside the heroes debacle that is Civil War has me interested.  I know that eventually this “Storm” will make its way into the main Civil War II story and Hercules will likely be needed in some capacity.  It’s always nice when new teams of heroes or old heroes get their time in the light when previously they have been what most of us look at as fillers.  I’ll be reading this one going forward for sure. MillerComicsLiteratureDC,Flash,Hercules,Rebirth,Spider-Man,The Flash,Wonder WomanThere was a good list of new releases today, but I decided to focus on the roots of my comic fandom and give some love to Marvel and DC this time around.  Hope you enjoy this weeks RPG Reads June 8. Flash: Rebirth DC is doing a thing, and its doing...