Wow!  Loki stirs up some relevant drama this week in the first issue of his comic, Vote for Loki.  The Mutants and InHumans are at it again and we dip into a weird little comic called I Hate Fairyland.  Enjoy RPG Reads June 17.


Civil War: X-Men

To give some insight into the current Mutant/InHuman struggle in the Marvel Universe, they two groups are at odds.  One group reveres a cloud called the Terrigen that roams the earth and gives them life and their power, while the other lives in fear of it since it means their death.  Currently, the X-Men are at peace with the InHumans but not all Mutants feel the same.  As we enter CW II:Xmen, we see Magneto trying to save a large group of Mutants from the Terrigen mist, only to have their plans thwarted by a group of sentinels.  While they make their escape, the X-Men come to their rescue due to the future sight of Ulysses, the inhuman at the center of the whole Civil War II saga.  This comic plays well with the opposing factions, and the power struggle between the two sides.  It also shows that one side, the InHumans, are trying to make right and help protect the mutants from what might be their death by using their new friend.  What I find interesting is that Magneto is always the stalwart leader but seems to still be guided blindly by his emotions, this is going to play a huge parting the coming issues.  This story starts off a little slower but has some great elements to help build into a fantastic substory of the Civil War II saga.  Keep an eye out for this, the Xmen have always held an important role in major events.



Titans: Rebirth

If you are familiar with the Teen Titans, you’ll be familiar with this book.  Coming back into the Rebirth story, Wally who appeared in last weeks Flash: Rebirth went in search of his old team the Titans.  Well, he found them and in the worst way.  Having been caught by Nightwing, he finds out that it wasn’t just Flash that has lost his memory, but all of the heroes in the current timeline.  After some quick and accidental work from Wally, all of the Titans retrieved their lost memories.  After a quick explanation of past events, they decide they need to help find the source of the memory loss and prevent the next one from happening.  The great thing about this series is, its hard to ruin it with a story when the character interactions are so strong.  So far the story seems to be heading in the right place but since this is really just the beginning of DCU Rebirth, it could go anywhere.  I’m optimistic since DC is looking to set up a great line for this year and so far they have started out in all the right places.




I Hate Fairyland

This was a surprise for me.  I picked this up and didn’t know what to expect, but its gory, cutesy, and insane.  Basically Gertrude gets sucked into a magical world called Fairyland, she is set off on an adventure to find the key to the door out, and 20 years later, she is still searching.  She’s grown in the 20 years though, but not physically, just mentally.  She’s now a murderous, cussing vagrant looking to get home and its hilarious.  Take everything you think you know about kids stories and turn it on its head because this ruins your childhood in the best kind of way.  To put it into perspective, Gertrude decides she doesn’t like the narrator who just happens to be the moon, so in true insane fashion, she shoots him out of the sky in a slurry of brains, bones and guts. Unfortunately, the stars are witnesses so they have to go too, and so begins a star shower in Fairyland, but the bloodied broken stars are landing on the Queen’s palace, so she sends a hunter after Gertrude.  I’ll stop there.  This comic is crazy, its fun, its just really unexpected and I think pretty much anyone could get a little enjoyment out of the morbid humor that spills out of this.  So far there are 5 glorious issues of this so take a read.




Vote for Loki

Oh wow… if this doesn’t play on every political conundrum I don’t know what does.  We start off with a scene where the Avengers destroy a section of New York city housing in a battle with Loki, Tony Stark provides the city with the funds to rebuild and the Mayor hires cheap contractors who never get the work done and puts the left over into a reelection campaign.  A daughter effected by this decision becomes a reporter and chases the story into her adult years, soon after finding herself in a new room with the most recent political presidency candidates.  In that same instance Hydra attacks and conveniently Loki, the god of mischief appears to save the day.  The story progresses in spectacular fashion as people keep interview Loki accusing him of wanting to run for presidency because he made claims that he could do it better than these fools who can’t even lie properly.  Soon enough he starts campaigning with some all-to-familiar quotes from recent politicians.  He even takes a stab at someone saying “I can show proof of my birth certificate if you like.”  This comic, while the art feels just weird and off, is gold, really and truly.  If you want to see Loki take America by storm in godly fashion, in a way only Loki can, you need to read this. MillerComicsLiteratureCivil War,Loki,Rebirth,Titans,Vote Loki,XMenWow!  Loki stirs up some relevant drama this week in the first issue of his comic, Vote for Loki.  The Mutants and InHumans are at it again and we dip into a weird little comic called I Hate Fairyland.  Enjoy RPG Reads June 17. Civil War: X-Men To give some insight...