So this week offered up a fun bit of variety on the comic release list.  Civil war starts off with a bang, Batman gets a rebirth comic and I dive into two new and unknown stories.  Catch up with us on RPG reads June  1.

 684180_batman-rebirth-1Batman: Rebirth #1

Rebirth, the title that DC is choosing for all of its most recent comic reboots this year from Batman to Green Lantern to Green Arrow and based on the first issue, I think it’s going to do some good.  We start off the issue with one of the Robins, if you remember a few weeks back, being called to the Wayne estate.  Batman isn’t looking for a new Robin but for ‘something new’.  The suit is very modern, no cape, just a yellow helmet, yellow racing jacket with a bat symbol and black and yellow racing pants.  Looks like ol’ Bats is looking for a new type of sidekick since the Robins have their own thing.  Calendar man is the villain this time around and he’s wreaking havoc on Gotham, causing the seasons to change day over day and potentially kill all of its citizens.  So right off the bat (no pun intended) we see some pretty heavy stuff happening, we are thrown into the thick of the life of Batman and his insane antagonists.  It’s a fast paced read with characters you already know if you’ve been keeping up with DC and the art style is sleek and jives with the tone of the story.  I can’t say I’ll be running back to it but if you’re a Batman fan, likely you’ll be back for more.



Civil War 2 #1

So a few weeks ago we were graces with Civil War 2 #0, a foundation of what this issue would start dealing with.  The issue starts out with the Avengers fighting off a cosmic entity and bringing in all of the heroes, Sorcerers, InHumans and everyone else to help banish this being to another dimension.  After this happens the InHumans let our heroes know that they have a precognitive InHuman.  He saw the entity and warned the heroes.  This is where things start to split the groups.  Tony Stark isn’t about to use this kids powers to prevent total destruction in the case that its wrong, Captain Marvel wants to use it to prevent disaster, both sides of a legitimate argument.  Cue a few months later, Tony in a rage flies out to the Shield Triskelion, finding his best friend War Machine dead, She-hulk in critical condition and Captain Marvel beat beyond belief.  The team had used our new InHuman friend to find out where Thanos the Mad Titan was and ambush him.  The battle resulted in loss, and as a fan, if you want me to keep reading, you follow through with a death.  Rhodey is dead, that has me interested, but when one of my favorite characters dies on her hospital bed, She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters, bad ass attorney at law, cousin to the Hulk and all around ass kicker, when you make me shed even a single tear over a character, you’ve got my attention.  So go ahead Marvel.. take my money, I’ll be back for the rest of this story.



This comic, I’ve read some wacky shit in my time, but this feels like something straight out of late night Japanese tv.  Believe me if you have seen it, don’t, you don’t need that kind of scarring.  This comic starts off with our protagonist in a bad situation, torn to shreds while in the wrong place at the wrong time.  He is in pieces, bloody gored up and should be dead.  Luckily for him, he gets taken to a limbo of sorts and pieced back together, then sent to another dimension where he can be a hero.  This guy has also lost parts of his memory, so that plays into the whole thing as well. His journey as much as he is put in this new world to be a hero is really about his choice to be a hero or eventually a villain.  It’s vulgar, its gory, its insane and it feels like Tim Burton drew it.  I can’t really explain much but if you want something adult and insane, get into this beast.





I don’t know what it is with my luck but this comic caught my eye.  I thought, “sure a detective comic, what could go wrong? looks interesting enough”.  Getting into this comic first, you have your typical cop partner banter, these two are playing pool at a local pub while waiting for a call.  Near by someone is being hung and interrogated by what we think might be a mobster, a couple of beat cops show up and they get themselves killed.  The call comes in and our two detectives leave the bar and head to the scene around the corner.  As they make their way up the stairs the killer acts as a resident and directs them to the room where the crime has been committed.  Our main character tries to help a still struggling hanging victim while her partner realizes the killer was in the stairwell, follows and ends up shot dead.  It all feels like it belongs in a typical cop drama, and its engaging and entertaining.  You start to understand the situation our hero is in and as she hunts down who might have been responsible for all of this mischief, she leads a bust on a hotel room and breaks in on her State Senator mid coitus with a dominatrix and a bound female.  This book was funny, it’s dirty and its setting up a decent crime drama all in its own, I’ll probably check out further issues to see where the story heads. If you haven’t guessed, don’t be getting this for your kids. MillerComicsLiteratureBatman,Bolts,Civil War,Control,RebirthSo this week offered up a fun bit of variety on the comic release list.  Civil war starts off with a bang, Batman gets a rebirth comic and I dive into two new and unknown stories.  Catch up with us on RPG reads June  1.  Batman: Rebirth #1 Rebirth, the title...