Both EA and Bethesda held their E3 press conferences on June 12th. While we attentively watched all they have to offer in the coming year, and live tweeted their announcements for you, we are also bringing you a recap of all they have in the works along with game photos and trailers.


EA was up first. While they had several new features for fans to look forward to, I must say, overall, it is the same reliable EA bringing you new versions of quality games you already enjoy.


Titan Fall 2 was announced with big news that it will be available to PS4 players for the first time ever, and now offers a single player option for all you lone wolfs out there. Additionally they invited you to sign up for a beta/stress test at Titan Fall 2 is scheduled for release October 28th, 2016.
Next up they previewed the all-new Madden 17. Still the same Madden you know and love, they have introduced an event series you can take part in. This was broken down into three categories; Challenger Events, Premier Series Events, and EA Major Events.

A sneak peak at the new Mass Effect: Andromeda was shown before cruising right along to Fifa 17. This will offer a new series called “The Journey” and the added bonus of real premier league managers, like Jose Mourinho, who stopped by to say hello during the briefing. Fifa 17 has been given a full physical overhaul and the added perk of intelligent play.
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If you love smaller developers this next EA E3 announcement is just for you; EA has started the EA Original Line. This new Original Line is specifically meant to support smaller developers, and bring you even more gaming options. The first EA Original game coming to you, FE, was announced and previewed live during the show. This is really great news for some of the amazing games brought to you by small developers that may ordinarily go unnoticed.

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EA was of course not going to go through this entire press release with out mentioning StarWars. Not only is Battlefront going to be getting some updates in the future, but EA is also working with Lucas Films on multiple games, said to be exploring all new areas of the StarWars universe.



EA’s final announcement was of Battlefield 1. Aside from getting to see a full hour of live gameplay after the briefing, which looked amazing by the way, they also announced the open beta coming later this summer. Battlefield 1 release is set for October 21st, 2016.


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Bethesda also had their #BE3 press conference on Sunday, which came with plenty to be excited for as usual. My personal favorite from them has got to be the return of Quake. This classic game appears to have been completely re-mastered for its reinstatement. The short gameplay trailer they showed had many gamers overflowing with anticipation. Though PC was mentioned during the rundown of Quake Champions, console options were unfortunately not mentioned. Whether this means it will only be available on PC or not is unknown. Bethesda said more news on Quakes return would be given at Quake Con in August.

Additionally intriguing news from #BE3 has got to be the re-master of Skyrim for next-gen consoles. Boasting a massive fan base, Skyrim players around the world have rejoiced at the projected thousands of additional hours to be lost from their life with the updated version of this well-loved game.


The recently released DOOM was also mentioned. A demo of the game is currently available for download this week only. So, while I assure you DOOM is well worth your money, if you unfortunately missed out on the beta now is your chance to try it out. DOOM was again mentioned along side Fallout 4 with the exciting news that both will be available for play on the HTC Vive in 2017.

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Currently in the works from Arkane Studios, an all-new game, PREY, was previewed during the conference. The graphics quickly caught my attention. Arkane Studios project PREY to be available for Xbone, PS4, and PC some time next year.

Viewers were also hyped about the Dishonored 2 announcement, not only as a continuance of the Dishonored series, but also because all pre-orders not only come with Dishonored 2, they also include the entire Dishonored Definitive Collection. Which is exciting news if you missed opportunities to play the original game.


Some of the other games mentioned from Bethesda were Fallout, and Elder Scrolls Legends. ES Legends will be coming to Mac, IOS, and Android later this year. Fallout talked about their next DLC ‘Contraptions Workshop,’ which has a closed beta starting Tuesday, June 14th, 2016. To sign up you simply have to head to


That its for EA and Bethesda for now, RPG will be on the ground at E3 starting Tuesday, June 14th, so check back here for more updates from your favorite developers and distributors. We’ll see you there. EvansCommunityE3eSportsGamingBattlefield,BE3,Bethesda,doom,E3,E3 2016,EA,Fallout,Fifa,Madden,Mass Effect,Quake,RPGE3Both EA and Bethesda held their E3 press conferences on June 12th. While we attentively watched all they have to offer in the coming year, and live tweeted their announcements for you, we are also bringing you a recap of all they have in the works along with game...