Just over 40 days to go and we will get the chance to explore over 18 Quintilian planets in the game, “No Man’s Sky“. The Sky is Calling and I Must Go!


The game is set to release for PC and PS4 on June 21st, 2016, and it has me genuinely excited. And I’m not the only one. There are a lot of people out there chomping at the bit to get at this game and to see what it truly is, because we really don’t know, yet.

Here is, in summary, what we do know about the game. Your end goal will be to make your way to the center of a Galaxy that you’ll spawn into. You’ll be able to explore and experience a multitude of planets along the way. All the content of this game will procedurally generated. (On a side note, this has the benefit of removing load times which can be annoying as heck, but I digress.) You’ll have gear that will need to be upgraded. To get these upgrades you’ll have to unlock them by collecting resources.

Now you might be saying to yourself, “But that’s not unfamiliar game play, plenty of games have you go from Point A to Point B, and along the way give you tasks and puzzles to figure out. What’s so darn compelling about this one?”

Good question, and the short answer is “It’s a mystery.”



First off, I like this game for what it isn’t.  While there’s some combat action and play, this game isn’t a combat shooter. While there are resources to gather and manage this isn’t an RTS.

The initial hook of this game, for me, is its science backdrop. I see things that remind me of iconic Sci-fi such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Larry Niven’s “Ring World”, Frank Herbert’s “Dune”, and Ray Bradbury “The Martian Chronicles”. There are others, such as Heavy Metal Magazine and the Artist, Moebius a.k.a. Jean Giraud. The creatures and the color palette are where I see those last two influences the most. My guess is that we could sit around and bring up all the different science fiction stories that impacted us and see the influences in this game.

There are a few things that give me pause about this game. The first thing is the lack of a social aspect. It almost feels as if this game is designed to keep you from playing with other people.  Or it could also be that we just haven’t seen what the social facet of the game is yet.   As we get closer to the game’s release date more and more information is being released.

The Sky Is Calling and I Must GoI would also point out that as gamers we’re pretty adept at creating things and finding ways to fill that vacuum.  What those are or what they will be I can only speculate.

The other thing that I think is missing is a really good horror reference.  I know that there are things out there, animals and plants, that can kill you, that’s not what I’m talking about.  What I mean is more to the idea of the fear of the unknown and the terror.  Is there something out there that stalks us?  Is there a terrible consequence if we don’t make our way to the center of the galaxy?

The third thing is story, precisely it’s that the story of this game is that you find your own story.  There’s a lore to this universe, and part of the fun and game play is that you uncover this lore.  Will there be enough lore to uncover and keep this game interesting as we explore more planets than is humanly possible.

In the end this game is going to be what we make out of it.  It will be a choose your own adventure in a giant procedurally created universe. Hello Games has seemingly captured the Science Fiction experience that I’ve always loved and still do. That idea that there are places to explore, mysteries to uncover, and questions to answer. More often, then not, those places and answers lead to more places more questions.


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