Today’s list has some good titles to dive into with Marvel’s super heroes falling into Civil War once again, and the return of a Space God.  Heres what we’re talking about in this week’s RPG Reads May 18.


The Biggest Bang

The Biggest Bang, is a sequel story to IDW’s Bigger Bang comic in which our main character Comos is born.  Our universe, as some believe, was started by a singular cataclysmic called the Big Bang.  Understandably, one catastrophic event is often followed by others, many or few, others always follow.  This is where Bigger Bang comes in and Cosmos is born, in the Universe destroying Bigger Bang.  Yes, his birth heralded the destruction of life in our universe, he was the sole survivor with god like powers.  He found his way into a black hole which transported him to the multiverse, where his story began.

Now the great thing about this book, is that is gives a brief overview of the previous stories events, he goes to the multiverse, finds friends, a friend dies and he uses his godlike power to bring said friend back to life.  Only since he needed to use his power to save his friend, half of his power has been transferred.  I think I was pretty happy to start reading from this point, Cosmos has half of his power, hes starting to realize pain, fatigue, as well in other scenarios, beauty.  One panel had him watching a new star be born, something he would have never seen had he still contained all his power.  The story was great since it started off with clear and present character growth.  Now, the art style is extremely abstract, you know that Cosmos is a man but no real features make him a handsome or ugly man, this goes for his female companion as well, and I personally think that adds more to the story, it takes away the shallowness of connecting with a character based on looks and really brings out the individual personality traits that make these people lovable.  In the end Cosmos is faced with an interesting dilemma, and it is that of an alien church who reverse him as a half-god to be worshiped, so if losing his powers isn’t enough, now he gets to deal with his own weird cult, its a nice light and weird twist at the end of a book that felt pretty serious at times.



This comic is finally being released to public, originally a story helped along by a kickstarter campaign, its definitely got a life of its own and its proving to be a fun read.  The basis of this story is portal fantasy, the likes of Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland or the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Mae, is a down to earth girl living with her father and sister, well that is to say if her sister didn’t keep disappearing all the time, and then one time for 7 years.  When we meet up with Mae later in life, she is with a friend at a pub and her festivities are interrupted by a call from the Sheriff saying her sister is at the office.  That’s were things get weird, her sister is in some royal looking garb and regaling Mae with tales of how she is the Queen of a cat tribe and took them to war to save the people of the world she as living in, all stories obviously falling on deaf ears, until a tiny troll attack the both of them.

The story is pretty wacky, and I can see why it might have had to run through kickstarter as a means to get off of the ground.  It has a bit of a weak flow to it but in the end serves up an interesting agenda to keep you interested for at least one more issue.  The art style and color is crisp and clean, but almost too much so for the story its telling.  In the end, it falls a little flat for most of the issue and gives you a little tug near the end for you to almost be interested for more.  I’m still torn on it, but I doubt I’ll be back for issue 2.



This comic had some interesting topics, its a sci-fi time travel nightmare scenario.  The gist of the story is, a small group of scientists are trying to escape their earth because, why?  Well, what do humans do better than any other species in the universe? Irradiate our home, of course!  So, overly irradiated Earth?  Check.  Crazy idea to relocate to a better planet? Check!  What is this planet though?  Earth!  Check… wait what?!  This story revolves around the multiverse theory as well.  One of the men that goes back in time, goes back to replace his ancestor in 1945 of another universe, by doing this, they set in motion a chain of events that would help them shift the course of history and save humans from nuclear fall out.  There is obviously a resistance that follows, because why wouldn’t there be?

After reading this comic, you get the idea that we really suck at maintaining our home, since so many story lines are based around nuclear war or over population or mass irradiation based on another dumb idea.  We humans are really irresponsible apparently.  After I finished this book, it took me a bit to wrap my head around the concept, and I like that.  It made me go back and reread it so I could catch things again, the story was intelligent enough and the characters were engaging enough to want to return again.  There was enough of a good cliffhanger for me to say that I’m coming back for issue 2.  Again the art fit the story it was telling, it felt like 1945 when you were reading in that time and when it was futuristic it still felt like it fit, so kudos on that as well.  Its pretty rare to have something fit together so well in a brand new original story.


Civil War II

You might be thinking, didn’t we just watch superheroes beat the tar out of each other on screen a week or so back?  Civil War 2 is happening already?  Well, the original Civil War between Cap and Iron Man happened back in ’06, this is a new story and a new cast.  On two sides we have She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) and Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and War Machine.  In this book we have an InHuman transformation happen by way of the Terrigen cloud which is responsible for giving InHumans their mutant like powers.  The story gives us two clear defined sides, people who are against the idea of punishing a thought regardless of past, and those who are looking to utilize powers that foresee evil base on thoughts.  So this issue #0 lays the ground work for why we see She-Hulk smashing her fists into Captain Marvel’s face and vice versa.  As a long standing Marvel fan, I can already see how this is going to go, although I might be wrong and I hope I am.  I already have a pretty clear love of many of these characters and the way they are being written is true to their nature and their experiences as heroes.  It is inevitable that something like this would happen once more, if not 100 times more, over very human ideals.  Our heroes are looked upon as gods in a world of small men, but at their core, they share the same thoughts and beliefs that many of us do, and sometimes even they will be prone to acts of war.  I’m already excited for the next issues to come, but it’ll be tough to follow as these events span so many stories and comic lines.

As this event goes on, I’ll do what I can to share at the very least the issues releasing in this event even if I don’t review them individually. MillerComicsLiteratureArchangel,Biggest Bang,Civil War II,MaeToday's list has some good titles to dive into with Marvel's super heroes falling into Civil War once again, and the return of a Space God.  Heres what we're talking about in this week's RPG Reads May 18. The Biggest Bang The Biggest Bang, is a sequel story to IDW's Bigger...