This month RPG has yet another awesome streamer for you. After a few initial set backs, and a respectable suggestion from GuardianOutpost [RPG’s April streamer], we have been connected with 3viL_Aura. Not your ordinary streamer, he is easy to get hooked on. Not only is 3viL a great PVP streamer, he, (with the help of friends), has also started a significant movement which is near and dear to my heart and all of the Pit Bull community, #Gaming4Pits. Check out our one on one interview with 3viL below, and meet his adorable pittie, Layla.


RPG: When and why did you start streaming?


3VIL: I started streaming in November of 2015. I didn’t take it very seriously at first, and my first ever stream was spent trying to help GuardianOutpost. He had yet to finish a hard mode raid in Destiny [Kings Fall], and my group consisted of raiding specialist. Turns out that 8-15 members of our community really enjoyed it, so I figured why stop now?


RPG: What makes you different from other streamers?


3VIL: I feel like I’m very different from other streamers. First of all I stream from my couch with my pit bull, Layla. I believe the look of my stream is a little different because of that. I stream PVP, but it is far from competitive. If anything I’m just a clown who keeps things light, which is rare for most PVP players. I don’t believe in using homophobic slurs, or other choice words in my stream, which is a standard I’m trying to set as a community leader. I tend to surround myself with other streamers who share the same values.



RPG: I can appreciate all of that, as my gaming pillow is usually one of my 3 pitties, Banana. We know you play destiny, what other games do you enjoy?


3VIL: I own a variety of games; COD, Wolfenstein, Titanfall and RYSE, but I do stick to Destiny.


RPG: What is #Gaming4Pits, and why did you start it?


3VIL: #Gaming4Pits was a charity event that was held February 19th-21st of 2016. I didn’t start #Gaming4Pits by myself, a streamer by the name of BigJStang [Beardwarrior87] and I had conversation one night and found out we were both pit bull owners. We just vented our frustrations about the rumors surrounding the breed, and wanted to do something about it. We spread the news about our cause through out the month of January, asking other streamers to be involved. We ended up with 30+ streamers on the roster, and raised $2,149.00 for Villalobos Rescue Center, the largest pit bull rescue in the United States.



RPG: That is truly awesome so many streamers came together for such an amazing cause. How can we support #Gaming4Pits?


3VIL: The charity event is over at this point. We do have t-shirts for sale on teespring that feature a design on the front and the event roster on the back. I have been asked how often the event will take place, and right now it is yearly. I don’t want to do it too often and have it lose its luster. I also think that giving it some time will allow more people to meet Layla, [3viL’s pittie], and give our community a chance to grow. We can make an even bigger impact next year!

front back


RPG: Do you have any other events coming up you’d like to mention?


3VIL: I suppose that my wedding counts as an event coming up right?! I’ll be getting married June 18th, 2016! I’ll also be making the trip down to Destiny Community Con, which is something I’m really excited about.


RPG: Congrats on your wedding! Desiny Con is only about an hour and half away from myself, and one of the other RPG founders so we should see you there! Now, obviously you have your own pittie, Layla, can you tell us a little bit about her?


3VIL: Layla is a 3 or 4 year old rescue who stole my heart. I remember the first time we gave her a doggy bed, you would’ve thought she hit the Powerball Lottery. Every time we give her a new toy she sprints around the basement and wiggles her butt so fast she can barely stand. It breaks my heart that she was on death row, because she has more love to give than any other organism, human or otherwise, than I’ve ever seen. She absolutely adores people, and wants to snuggle up with anyone willing to sit on our couch.

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RPG: They truly are a great breed, and their bad rap is disheartening to say the least. I saw a photo you shared on Twitter of Layla with a deflated horse toy, funny enough the description for it on the amazon link you shared reads “puncturing and biting will not deflate.” So tell me, just how many seconds did it take for Layla to deflate it?


3VIL: The funny thing about Layla is her jaws are JACKED. She crushes solid rubber toys with ease. That being said, she knows and makes the decision not to bite skin! The horse toys that were pictured actually do “reinflate” once Layla isn’t sitting on, or biting them.


RPG: One second just adding something to my Amazon cart… [haha] What do you find most rewarding about streaming?


3VIL: Streaming has become therapeutic for both myself, and our community. Every day there are tweets, DM’s, whispers, etc., about the difference you make in some ones day. That’s all you can ask for, until you do a charity stream. Having a VERY SMALL portion of our community find out about #Gaming4Pits, support and embrace it was by far my biggest reward.


RPG: Do you have a schedule you generally stick to?


3VIL: I stream Monday thru Friday from 3pm-5 or 5:30pm EST, and Saturday mornings. Every now and then I sprinkle some surprise streams in there, but everything is posted on my Twitch and Twitter before I go live.


RPG: What do you like to do outside of gaming?


3VIL: If I’m not playing video games I’m running a household, or playing music with my band. I play guitar, bass, and sing. Right now we’re recording an album, which is really exciting.


RPG: Sounds like a blast! So, last, but not least, where can we connect with you?


3VIL: My Twitch and Twitter have the same user name, and I also have a Discord Channel.


RPG: Thanks so much for your time; Radio Press Gaming is lucky for the opportunity to promote you to our community.


Really, what more can you ask for in a streamer? Not only is 3viL_Aura an awesome streamer to hang out with during your long days, but he has made amazing strides in the pit bull community, even dedicating an entire event to this gentle, unconditionally loving breed. Make sure you show him how awesome he really is; follow him on Twitter, and hang out with him Monday thru Friday on his stream, say hello and tell him RPG sent you!


If you would like to advocate for pit bulls your self, check out your local rescues. They are always in need of food, toys, towels, and other supplies. No local bully breed rescues? No problem visit Villalobo’s website [the largest pit bull rescue in the United States] and donate to them.


I leave you with one final thought:

ADOPT don’t shop,

If you can’t adopt, FOSTER,

If you can’t foster, SPONSOR,

If you can’t sponsor, VOLUNTEER,

If you can’t volunteer, DONATE,

If you can’t donate, EDUCATE.


And above all else, #DONTBULLYMYBREED. EvansCommunityGamingPS4SonyXBox One3viL_Aura,Charity,Destiny,Gaming4Pits,Streamers,VillalobosThis month RPG has yet another awesome streamer for you. After a few initial set backs, and a respectable suggestion from GuardianOutpost , we have been connected with 3viL_Aura. Not your ordinary streamer, he is easy to get hooked on. Not only is 3viL a great PVP streamer, he,...