Negan, the name that strikes fear into the hearts of Walking Dead fans around the world. He is the uncontested leader of The Saviors, and currently the single most formidable villain within both the TV series and the graphic novel. In the season 6 finale we were, after extensive suspense, allotted the opportunity of his introduction. While left uninformed as to whose skull was pulverized by this maniacal commander, we can take a look at the novels to infer what we may expect some of next season.


In the graphic novels Negan is introduced in issue 100 as the male leader of The Saviors in his early to mid 40’s; not to make light of his initial impact in the novel, but let me assure you he “came in like a wrecking ball,” much like he did in the TV series. Nothing much is known of Negan pre-apocalypse, aside from the fact that he was a used car salesman. While that may seem like an odd pre-walker profession, salesmen are people who are good at selling you on anything and everything, after all their income depends upon it, which is exactly what he has done to the entire Saviors community; he sold them the belief that he is the ideal leader.


Post apocalypse, as we know, Negan founded The Saviors. Much like they do in the TV series, The Saviors are known for subjugating other communities into sharing resources through intimidation. When they cannot obtain the resources they believe they are entitled to drastic measures are taken, such as Ethan stabbing Gregory, Hilltops leader, to make a point that insubordination against Negan will not be tolerated. As in AMC’s series, after believing they have subdued The Saviors, Rick’s group is proven wrong with a deadly price to pay. This is the point in the novel that has most recently been debated, the death of Glenn. In the novel Rick, being the once fearless leader, vows to avenge him. This will prove to be an extensive struggle for all of Alexandria.

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Moving forward, The Saviors arrive at Alexandria for their first supply pick up to be greeted by Spencer, who questions their identity. To this stroke of doubt Negan, in perfect character, replies, “I had to make a pretty strong first impression,” before instructing Spencer retrieve Rick. This begins the savage hunt for supplies, accompanied by several snide comments in reference to Glenn’s death. Rick submissively shoulders “Lucille” throughout the scavenge as directed. After this first resource retrieval Negan leaves Rick with a final whisper:

“I just slid my dick down your throat, and you thanked me for it.”


Unbeknownst to both the Alexandrians, and The Saviors, Carl has hitched a ride in one of The Saviors trucks with an assault rifle, his intentions are not made clear. Upon arrival at Negan’s camp Carl is of course discovered, but before he could be subdued he manages to kill six of The Saviors. Though Dwight was prepared to execute Carl, he is interrupted by Negan’s inquiry; “Is this anyway to treat our newest guest?”


For reasons unknown, Negan shows intense interest in Carl; he goes on to show Carl around the cult like kingdom he has single handedly built. While on tour, Negan is informed one of his numerous “wives” has been unfaithful to him with a former lover. After receiving this information, he and Carl share private moment in his quarters. Negan seems almost intrigued by Carl, as if he wants to know him better. During their time together, Negan asserts to Carl that his bandage is distracting, practically demanding it be removed. Carl obliges Negan’s threat removing the bandage, only to be mocked by the self-proclaimed monarch. After bringing Carl to tears, Negan apologized. He had found a weakness in the boy he finds so dangerous. They are interrupted by the delivery of “Lucille,” and again interrupted with a message that “the iron is ready.” Carl then accompanies Negan while he handles his affairs, including the public degrading of his adulterous wife, and the mutilation of her lovers face.


While obligated with Carl’s presence, Negan, contemplating what to do with the child, encounters Rick. Before showing he had done no harm to the boy Negan states he’s, “eager to show what he’s done to his son.” This, reasonably, sends Rick into a rage and he attacks the malicious ringleader, inferring harm had come to his son, when in fact not one hair was split.



Stopping there for now, I feel like though the story line and character presence may differ this is fairly close to what we can expect within the fall half of season 7. The relationship and emotion shared between Carl and Negan is one the show writers would be remiss to skip over. While I will not speculate on who’s death we witnessed in the season finale, I do believe, no matter the outcome, we will see Maggie step up to a formidable position of leadership. Rick’s emotion will cloud his judgment as we have seen before, especially if the novel storyline written for Carl is followed. Negan will be the largest challenge the group will face to date. Not only does he harbor no resentment for his wrong doings, he actually believes in some twisted way that they are justified. Though writers have never been afraid to go deep into the psyche of characters, this will be a new level of instability.


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