Looks like the comics list is pretty scarce this week again, but I was able to find some titles that caught my interest so I took the time to go back to their firsts and get acquainted.  After today’s reads I’m really glad I took the time.

We Are Robin

After Gotham city is hit with Joker’s nerve gas, sending a huge populace underground creating a community of Joker zombies, the world above is left to cope.  This is where we catch up with Duke, an inner city kid who lost his parents in the Joker incident and is hopping from foster home to foster home.  We start the issue with him in a fight at school, he gets taken in and his support person Leslie sets him up with a temporary home until they can find someone permanent.  He takes the opportunity to run away and go look for where his parents might be, eventually finding himself in a bad situation and in the end, being helped by ‘The Robins’.

This book has a cool twist on life in Gotham after a horrible event.  Someone who looks to be working on the side of justice is finding groups of kids and recruiting them to a team of Robins.  All of these kids come from different walks of life, they are either lost, orphaned, currently in college or whatever but something in their character makes them a fit for the team.  They all wear the same R and they all work as a team toward the same goal, its fun, its serious and its got a ton of heart.  I’m enjoying what is out so far.

Doctor Strange

I figured I would pick up a Strange comic since his movie is out in November and re-familiarize myself with the character.  After having read a few issues today, I can’t help but feel he has changed over the years that I last read his stories not that I have anything against this.  We first see Strange in what we are told is a ‘soulscape’, he is telling a group of vagrant soul eating monsters that they need to move on, after a few push back he is forced to fight.  Shortly after we find that he is performing and exorcism of sorts on a young boy and he told the group to move over to Rykers Island where they can live and feast at will.  Really, the first issue set up how his life has been as the Sorcerer Supreme and as a warning for things to come.  We see that he has a life of friends within other sorcerers, Scarlet Witch included and that his life is far from normal but that he is happy with it, and as any other human that lives with trauma, he is still effected by it from time to time.  It brings a realism to Strange that isn’t often seen and that is easy to connect to.  In my opinion that’s what makes this comic so fun and easy to read.


Dick Grayson has had a rough life, first a circus performer who loses his family, then he becomes the first Robin, he moves on to being Nightwing and then somewhere along the line he is killed… or so we think.  Grayson has us thinking twice about that so called death of Nightwing as he joins a secret organization called Spyral under the code name Agent 37.  As you might guess, he is still the acrobatic fighter and intelligent thinker we saw in the Batman comics but now this is all applied to the job of a secret agent.  This comic has enough mystery and new interesting characters to keep you grasping for more.  With Grayson’s typical attitude issues it makes for fun banter and a stylish new look at the man behind the mask.  It’s one to read if you need something to dive into.


Matt Murdock is no longer a defense attorney, but has moved on to take a role as a Prosecutor for the City of New York.  We find Matt first and foremost diving into a river after a man who would later be shown as a key witness in going after someone called Ten Fingers.  Daredevil immediately gets himself over his head as he attempts to take on a large group of armed thugs, and is saved by his new sidekick Blindspot who uses stealth technology to fight.

This comic is very Daredevil, there isn’t much new to it but you soon find out that Daredevil did something in the past to make sure everyone forgot that he and Matt Murdock are one and the same.  The only person who was allowed to retain his memories is Foggy, who is a little jaded at the fact that he is now the one and only person who can help Matt or Daredevil.  The friendship dynamic has always been great and the stories Daredevil brings to the page have always been fun, so far this has been a good one.

Sex Criminals

Alright, this is the comic I really want to talk about.  Sex Criminals is just an odd concept, just so weird. It starts off with our main character Suzie talking to us, the reader about her life and about how her life more or less spiraled out of control when her father died a pretty young age.  It just so happens that it was also the age where she was finding herself.  We find out that after Suzie experiences her first orgasm that time stops for a period of time.  So for a portion of her childhood she’s trying to find answers: Is this normal?  Can the girls at school tell me what is happening?  The doctor should be able to tell me right?  Each time she’s met with staunch resistance and left unsure.  All she knows is that she’s found a place that she can find peace, and that peace just happens to be after orgasm.

As we hit present day with Suzie, she is holding a fund raising party for her library, she is obsessed with books and has a dream to save her favorite place.  During the party she meets up with Jon, after finding much in common and after a few drinks they end up sleeping together.  Here is the kicker, Suzie’s time stop power only works at the point of climax, and only she is able to move around while time is stopped, until now.  At the end both Jon and Suzie roll over and mention how good the last few moments were, and then they both realize that they have the same power as the other is not stuck in time limbo.  So what do two people who can stop time do?  They become bank robbers obviously!  So begins the series of Sex Criminals, and honestly, its an amazing read.  Its awkward, its funny, its relateable, and it catches you off guard with wit and hilarity.  If you want a mature read with a light touch, this is the one.

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