This month I have been given the privilege of interviewing the man behind Guardian Outpost. Aside from being an amazingly cool guy, he has really created something special in our community. It’s like the bar that everyone hung out at in college, only it’s an online bar and the students are gamers.


We want to connect you, the gamer, to the community you love. We want to support streamers, and help them grow. I personally cannot think of a better place to start than everyone’s favorite small stream supporter; I am proud to present RPG’s April 2016 Featured Streamer (and our very first featured streamer ever!): Guardian Outpost




RPG: Who is Guardian Outpost?


GO: At first I was Guardian Outpost, but as the name and the brand grew Guardian Outpost became a place for people to share ideas, passions, friendships, and a place people can come and know they have support, they have people that are glad to be their friend. Now, I’m David, the guy that holds the door open and points people towards the bathroom.


RPG: So when did you get started and what do you stream?


GO: Towards the end of August 2015, and I stream a lot of Destiny.


RPG: Where did Guardian Outpost come from?


GO: I started the Guardian Outpost Twitter account as a way to make friends to play Destiny. All of my IRL friends had given up on the game and moved on. I was the only one that got hooked, and wanted to know more. So, I took to YouTube and that eventually led me to Twitch where I would watch Professor Broman and King Gothalion. Watching those two sparked an interest in me. I have a background in media and I told myself, “I can do that,” but I didn’t immediately jump in and try it. I bid my time, did the research, and educated myself on what streaming was.

As for where did Guardian Outpost come from? Like I mentioned before, it was just a way to make friends and I wanted to be a Destiny informational Twitter account. When I first started I would research Destiny news stories and comment on them. I wasn’t doing very well because there were others that had cornered the market, like Planet Destiny, Bungie Informer, and guys like Matt The Legend Blue. Not to mention the Destiny Reddit. So I put the Twitter account down for a while to re-assess what I wanted to do with it. I had a podcast, but like the Twitter it had no direction, so it got put down as well.


RPG: And what about the name “Guardian Outpost?” That’s a great name, how did you come up with that?


GO: Well I wanted to be a Destiny themed account, but I didn’t want to blatantly put “Destiny” in the title. One day I was playing and the daily mission was “A Strangers Call.” At the beginning of the mission you cannot use your sparrow, and you are tasked to find “an old Guardian Outpost.” When I heard that I thought it was the perfect name for a Destiny related account. I like to call it a cover band name.


RPG: You mentioned a background in media?


GO: I worked in radio in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market. I worked as a producer, reporter, engineer, and on-air talent. That’s why I thought I can be good at streaming. I’ve done hundreds of radio shows, so Twitch streaming was similar, but with the added bonus you get to play video games.


RPG: What do you feel your greatest achievement has been in streaming?


GO: The community I have started, the people I have inspired, the friends I’ve made. There isn’t just one thing, every morning when I stream I have the nicest community. Everyone says hello as if they haven’t seen each other in months. Everyone welcomes the new people, everyone is really helpful. I have mods in my channel, because every channel needs them, but I hardly ever see trolls or anyone being mean to each other. Together, my friends and I have created a super safe space where people can be themselves, and not be afraid of being called out, or put down.

Everyday I get a message from some one telling me how I have helped them, or how I have inspired them, and it blows my mind that I have been able to do all this by playing a video game.


RPG: Speaking of video games, what are your hopes/expectations for the April Destiny update?


GO: I’m hoping it revives the game a little bit. I still think it’s a great game. Does it have issues? Of course, but I’m hoping the game just continues to bring people together. Game wise, I’m hoping they make changes that improve the game. I enjoyed Prison of Elders the first time, but adding a points element to it gives me a reason to play it again. Previously I had no reason to run level 35 PoE , but it looks like Bungie is learning and giving people incentive to run.


RPG: When did you start the #SupportSmallerStreams movement and why?


GO: It started at the end of either June, or July of last year. It’s hard to tell actually because the hash tag came out of left field. There were no plans, there was no research, there was nothing prior to the hash tag. I just love Twitch and I was discovering so many great people that weren’t getting any attention. One day I tweeted out a Twitch link and just put the hash tag and like they say I “caught lightning in a bottle.”

The hash tag started everything, it sparked my interest to step it up on the podcast, and I instantly became this community leader. It was something very sudden, but I embraced it, ran with it, and my initial goal of making friends was met. Now I wanted to see how far I could take this thing, and to this day the #SupportSmallerStreams is still doing great things.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the community that the hash tag has created. Without them embracing, and believing in it the movement and the hash tag would have fizzled, and I wouldn’t be here sipping this delicious tea you made me. Is this chamomile? It’s lovely.


RPG: ((blankly stares with mild confusion)) That’s beer, we’re in a bar sir…


GO: I also have to thank a few that legitimized me, SayNoToRage, AKA Lono, was my first guest on my revamped podcast, and the guys at The Worst Radio Show, (Kevin, Wayne, Robbie, Pete, and Mike, AKA Metric_Methodz). Those two moments were pivotal for Guardian Outpost, and put my name out there as some one that was serious about what he was doing.

I know this is a long answer, but why did I start it? Because there are so many great people out there streaming and putting in the hard work and I just wanted them to know that some one noticed them. The toughest thing for new and beginning streamers is getting exposure. My community, and my hash tag lets them know that there are people out there who care.

Wow, that was ramble-ly. If people are still reading this interview, just know that I love you.


RPG: No, that was great, I have goose bumps over here! Do you have any recommendations for small time streamers?


GO: Make friends, be patient, stream as much as you can, have fun, and visit every morning at 6a.m. EST. ((winky face))


RPG: How can we support smaller streams?


GO: Visit their streams, say hello, interact with them, follow them, tell your friends about them, tweet out their streams, and come back. You never know, one of them may become your best friend, or your best fire team member. Nothing makes a growing streamer happier than people to interact with and play with. It’s one of the best things you can do. Sometimes seeing the viewer number go from zero to one can make their day, and it cost you nothing.


RPG: Last, but least by no means, where can we connect with you?


GO: I’m Guardian Outpost everywhere:

And even on PS4 and Xbox One, GuardianOutpost. I invite everyone to add me on all the social medias and on your favorite console, because I always love finding and playing with new people. Of course I encourage everyone to visit my live shows, (, Monday through Friday beginning at 6a.m. EST, and on Sundays beginning at 8a.m. EST. I like to call my show “Good Morning Guardians,” it’s your Destiny morning show. We talk Destiny, but really everything is on the table. I even have an interview segment, and a news segment. So, it’s a real morning show with the added bonus that we can play video games together and we all support each other. It’s a lot of fun for everyone.



There you have it folks, the man behind the Guardian Outpost. Go, like, follow, retweet, watch, interact, and as always #SupportSmallerStreams.


Disclaimer: We weren’t actually in a bar. He may have been really drinking tea, I’m not positive. EvansCommunityGamingPS4SonyXBox OneDestiny,Featured Streamer,Guardian Outpost,RPG,Support smaller streams,TwitchThis month I have been given the privilege of interviewing the man behind Guardian Outpost. Aside from being an amazingly cool guy, he has really created something special in our community. It’s like the bar that everyone hung out at in college, only it’s an online bar and the...