Let me set the tone of the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered night before we get started here,

The event took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Hollywood, California, thousands of people in attendance, cosplayers in abundance, fans of the Final Fantasy series old and new, all packed into the one place they could get first hand information on the long awaited Final Fantasy XV.  Even from my seriously uncomfortable chair, staring through the computer screen at Square-Enix’s twitch channel, I could feel the energy emanating from this place.

If you are anything like myself, you would have jumped at the fact that this event would probably involve many Japanese cultural references and maybe tentacles (or not).  At the end of the day you are either a loyal FF fan who has been waiting ages for this game, and believe me Square knows we’ve been waiting, or you are just a fan of games in general and this night was still exciting.

Greg Miller (@GameOverGreggy) and Tim Gettys (@KindaFunnyVids) played host this night and helped us uncover 14 very interesting and fun tidbits about this up and coming release.  We’ll go through them in order (the first two show up before they do).

1st – Hironobu Sakaguchi – the Father of Final Fantasy

Even before Greg and Tim hit the stage we were greeted with Hironobu.  If you are a Final Fantasy enthusiast, you know that this man was an important part of your childhood.  Without him, we would have never been exposed to Final Fantasy, we might be missing important life lessons we learned through his directing and story telling, or we might have just gone on with life as we know it and learned those lessons elsewhere.  I prefer to think he was necessary.   He graced us with a speech translated through large viewing screens behind him and discussed his love for the series he created, and like any father, he told us he was worried about the direction his dear child was headed.  Through his interaction with the audience we learned that after long discussions he was happy to hear that his child was once again entering an era much like when it was born, an era that sought new challenges and introduced the player to new and interesting worlds.  He then took his seat with the audience so he could enjoy the show.

2nd – A new trailer!

As Hironobu exited the stage we were graced with a new trailer that started with the familiarly epic score that each and every game is accompanied by, beautiful visuals and new gameplay that we haven’t seen to date.  Near the mid point of the trailer we see our new hero Noctis get scooped up by a large giant, who almost looks to be ripped right from the pages of Attack on Titan, and slammed into the ground.  After this the typical music dies and in comes a soulful rendition of ‘Stand by Me’ done by none other than Florence + the Machine.  While this mesmerizing version plays in the background, we see scenes of Noctis and his group of friends on a journey, much like any other road trip a group of friends would embark on only this one includes plenty of sword play and fending off monsters.  The trailer ends and we are introduced to Tim and Greg.

Tim is an FF fan boy, Greg is a lover of video games, never played an FF.  These two make the whole show very entertaining and they constantly crack wise about the long wait, making comments about 10 year waits, even though the FF 13 universe appeared in ’09.  The first thing they get to show to us in their segment is this…

3rd – The Art of FFXV!

Many of us are aware of the art style in this franchise and this time, they decided to do something a little different.  First we were shown a typical 2D drawing and then we were shown the same drawing in a 3D render, both are breathtaking and I’ll just show you instead of boring you with the details.

FFXVart 2016-03-30 (8)

Our 4th little bit of FFXV uncover was actually Florence + the Machine doing ‘Stand by Me’, so go watch the trailer on the 2nd uncover if you haven’t already, ok?

5th! – We get game play footage!

So we get plenty of gameplay footage!  Seriously! This is good stuff and fun to boot!  Can you say Final Fantasy: Chocobo Drift?  Yeah, turn a corner too tight on your favorite winged bird and it compensates with a drift like slide, its pretty cool.  Monster battles?  If a monster feels like it can’t win against you, it can run as well!  Also magic effects are more prominent.  Are you using blizzard?  You’ll see your enemy covered in a layer of ice, it all looks so nice.

6th – The World (its beautiful)

Less chatty, more showy?  Yeah, look below.

2016-03-30 (22) 2016-03-30 (23) 2016-03-30 (16) 2016-03-30 (14)

There was so much more but it wouldn’t be fun to spoil it all right?

7th – Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood

Remember that thing about Japanese cultural references and tentacles?  Well, they gave us anime!  A 5 episode anime to be exact, about our 4 heroes and what they’re about (no tentacles though, sorry ladies).  Episode 1 is already available on YouTube.

2016-03-30 (46)

Left to right: Ignis, Noctis, Prompto, Gladio

8th/10th – FFXV: Kingsglaive – Feature length movie (voice acting)

You might be wondering why I included 8 & 10, they go hand in hand as 8 is the movie and 10 is the voice acting.  This is the first feature length CGI FF movie we have seen since Advent Children in ’05.  That’s over 10 years ago, this is seriously a big deal.  The video we saw looked amazing, stunning even, the likes of what most of us have never seen.  What really sets this apart though, is the voice acting, below we have two pictures, below that we will have names, big names, I’m not kidding.

2016-03-30 (28) 2016-03-30 (45)

Above we have our first hero, Nyx, the protector of the King and the kingdom’s crystal, voiced by non-other than Aaron Paul himself (the crystal grower). Next we have King Regis, voice by Sean Bean, otherwise known as Ned Stark, or that guy that dies in EVERYTHING.  Seriously, King Regis, your fate is sealed. Lastly, Luna, voiced by Lena Headey, Cersei Lanister, Sarah Connor, Queen Gorgo of 300, need I say more?  This movie will take place while Noctis and his troupe are out of the capital and on their adventure, but not much more is known.

9th – Audi R8 (only one in existence)

This Audi R8 was created for the movie only, a CGI product of beauty.  Check it out.

2016-03-30 (40)2016-03-30 (41) 2016-03-30 (43)

11th – Justice Monster Five

For anyone who might be familiar with other mini-games in the Final Fantasy series this is nothing new.  Justice Monsters five is a game like any other other FF mini-game, only this time it appears on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.  Preregistering for this game is already available online at the Square-Enix.com website, it currently isn’t available for Download yet.  Not much footage was shown on this but it looks to be like a monsters and pinball type game, it also shows up in the FFXV game as our heroes are shown to play a few rounds.

2016-03-30 (29) 2016-03-30 (30)

12th – Platinum Demo

Close to the end of the presentation, Tim and Greg announce Mat Kishimoto of Square-Enix America.  He has big news for us.  It’s a new demo, only this demo is more like our long lost friend P.T.  It takes place in the same universe, with what would be familiar characters but the story held within the demo is never going to be a part of the final FFXV product.  It is it’s own self contained story, where you play as a young Noctis travelling through a dream sequence that resembles some kind of Alice in Wonderland shenanigans.  I’m not kidding here, you are often a tiny young Noctis driving toy cars and adventuring around an oversized world.  They didn’t give us much to go off of for gameplay because well, the Demo is available right now and you should proably go download it right now to experience it yourself.  I will mention that you do have a companion.  This companion is a fox like friend known as Carbuncle, referred to as an Astral (Eidolon or Summons were common terms in previous FF games), this companion is available for the main FFXV game once you have completed it.  The best part of this is that it’s completely free.

13th – Multiple Game Editions!

Probably one of the most unsurprising announcements is multiples game editions, Square-Enix is pretty well known for this and as per usual, one of these editions is exclusive to the Square-Enix online store.  By the time I’ve finished this post I can 100% guarantee the Ultimate Edition will have been sold out.  The Deluxe edition however you will be able to get your hands on at your local gamestop, EB, Bestbuy, or wherever you like to pick up your games.  The details are below and some of the inclusions are pretty fun.  I especially like the Kingsglaive Blu-ray that comes with both options.  The Ultimate though, gets the anime FFXV: Brotherhood, Kingsglaive, FFXV, a soundtrack that covers the three previously mentioned items, DLC content and a Noctis figure.  If you were lucky enough to get your hands on an Ultimate edition it would have cost you $200+, the Deluxe is a much more reasonable price around $90.

2016-03-30 (33) 2016-03-30 (34)

Our final stop on this long, arduous journey, is the one thing we’ve all been asking for years.  When the hell is this coming out?  When can I get my hands on this?  Well friends, your answer is below as well as #14 on the list…


2016-03-30 (39)


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