1. Holy shit Carl you poor son of a bitch (literally). Looking back on the very start of The Walking Dead, Carl (also know as Coral) has always been a character to provoke a wide variety of emotions in all of us. Whether you think he’s the most annoying little brat you have ever laid eyes on, (stay in the fucking house Coral), or a character that has developed into a key player, kicking ass and taking names, there is no denying the importance of his role throughout the series. So let’s all take a few moments to reminisce on the rollercoaster life of Carl Grimes.

Carl gets shot (the first time):

Back in season 2 during the “What Lies Ahead” episode Carl is shot for the first time. They’re in the woods, they’re looking for Sophia, oh look a deer *boom* a bullet passes through the buck and right into poor, little Coral. Okay, that’s fair, if nothing like that ever happened this would be a pretty boring show. Otis (the shooter) seems quite apologetic, and even says he knows a “doctor”. Great, let’s go! Time to save Carl. Oh, wait, did he say a doctor? He meant vet, Hershel is a vet. Episodes go by, Carl is saved, but this is just the beginning of Carl’s frequent run-ins with bad luck.

Who’s Coral?

The group ends up on the farm together, Hershel cautiously welcomes them, Lori’s not banging Shane anymore, life seems pretty great for little Carl, except this is where he learns his Mom is a fucking idiot who barely remembers she has a child. Can you watch Carl? Where’s Carl? No guns Carl. Stay in the house Carl. From all of this you would infer that she is a decent Mother who cares about the well-being of her son, however Lori is far too concerned with having no idea who her baby daddy is to even acknowledge Carls existence half the time. This is probably where the independence we see emerge later in the series was born, after all this was one of the first times Carl went off on his own where he discovered a walker, doesn’t tell anyone eventually resulting in Dale’s death.  So, not only is this the key point when Carl discovers his Mother is questionable at best, but he also has to live with the fact that Dale would not be dead if he had A. killed the walker himself -or- B. said anything to anyone. Guilt is a horrible thing to live with, probably more so when you’re a 10ish 11ish year old child who can’t even begin to comprehend what the emotion you’re feeling [guilt] is.


Sorry Mom, not sorry:

The farm goes to shit, (go figure), on the road again, fa la la la, I don’t actually know the words to that song, but you see where I’m going. Life goes on, they discover a prison. In absolute agreement with the thoughts of the group, I too think that is an ideal place to try to hold up for the zombie apocalypse. By this time in the series everyone knows that Lori is pregnant and preparations are being made for the possibility of a c-section, which is exactly what happened. Lori did not survive this c-section, however lucky for her, sweet little Coral was there to shoot Mom in the face. As if it wasn’t enough that little Coral just had to kill Mom, Dad has a mental break down. Why? Well I’m not really sure. If Lori was my wife the only thing I’d be upset about is that I wasn’t the one that got to blow skanky wife’s brains out. Anyways, child has to kill Mother, and if that wasn’t enough on Carl’s mental plate he now has to be “Mommy” to Judith, figuring everything out on his own while getting no sympathy from “crazy Rick” who’s a little busy talking to his imaginary friends on the telephone.


Rick finds sanity, just kidding:

Okay, great, Rick is pulling himself together, things are looking up for Carl and the group. Let’s introduce the Governor into the picture, yeah he’s pretty crazy, but that’s alright because sane Rick has everything under control. Fast forward a bit, here comes the Governor to smash the prison to bits, that’s fine, sane Rick is still here. Now remember at this point little Coral has only had stable Daddy back for a short time, but the Father figure Rick has been looking to for support just got his throat slit wide open. Did you see that? That was Dad’s sanity floating off in the wind again. Sorry Carl, Daddy’s gone crazy again. Fast forwarding a little bit further, the prison is lost, they’re on the road, ran into some randoms in suburbia, Daddy kills one, they leave suburbia, find Michonne, unknown to them randoms are still tracking them, randoms find them, Darryl’s with them, they start beating the crap out of Rick, Darryl, and Michonne, meanwhile one random is about to bend little Coral over with no lube. No worries!! Crazy Daddy’s here to save the day, biting mofo’s ears off and shit. Carl is really starting to question life at this point, even confiding to Michonne at one point that he’s not the person Rick thinks he is, and fears he may be just another monster.

Terminus to Alexandria:

Terminus, well, not a lot to talk about there on the count of if you blinked you missed it. Moving on from that creeptastic place, we’re headed to Washington! Or, we could just settle down here in Alexandria instead, that sounds good. So, the whole group is back together, Alexandria is quiet, and a stable environment for Judith and sweet little Coral. There’s even a girl there, Enid, that seems to light Carl’s pre-pubescent fire, accept that girl seems to have all the boys chasing her, including Ron. Ron’s Dad is an “asshole” as stated by Carl himself later in the season. Now crazy Rick is still crazy at this point, and just so happens to have a little thing for Jessie, whom is Ron’s Dad, Pete’s wife. Being in Alexandria is definitely not helping Rick’s mental state, as everyone here is completely naive about everything outside of the walls. Combining Rick’s crazy with Pete’s drunk and the rest of the towns unrealistic outlooks on the state of the world Rick has a mental break gets put on supervision until a hearing, at this so-called hearing drunk porch dick, aka Pete, shows up kills a dude and then is killed himself. This leads to Carls new little buddy Ron not only hating him because he’s crushing on his girl, but also being angry him for his Fathers death since he is Rick’s son. So here’s little Coral in a new safe place looking for a fresh start and Dad goes on a fucks it all up again, which some how seems justified because after all of this sane Rick has returned to be the leader Alexandria is looking for.


Wolves to walkers:

Carl has found a nice little life here in Alexandria, there have been losses, but the community as a whole is coming together, moving on, and building for the future. In the process of this, it has been brought to everyone’s attention the lack of walkers they have had to deal with, which is what leads them to discover the quarry full of thousands of walkers that stumbled in and became trapped due to a semi. Knowing this will not hold all these walkers forever a plan is formed to herd them all past Alexandria and headed in the opposite direction. Before all of this can be perfected the walkers break free and the plan is put into action right then and there. While all of this is going on we are introduced to the “Wolves” who ram a truck into Alexandria to break through the wall and attack the members of the community that were left behind, not moving the walkers. As they are attacking, one of the Wolves goes after Ron, Carl then proceeds to save his life, putting their differences aside. You would think this means something to Ron, but in reality it doesn’t. The Wolves attack caused Enid to abandon Alexandria, which only causes more tension between Ron and Carl. After the Wolves are cleared, Rick arrives back to Alexandria to find that the horn they heard when moving the walkers, (when the truck crashed into the wall the horn got stuck on, attracting the herd of walkers), was because of the Wolves, and because of that horn the walkers that broke off from the herd were headed for Alexandria, not far behind him. The wall holds for a while, eventually one of the towers falls letting all the walkers into Alexandria, and awkwardly forcing little Coral into his arch nemesis, Ron’s home. Just what Carl wants, like life isn’t hard enough with Dad all ” I’m crazy, no I’m sane, no I’m crazy, no I’m sane,” his girl bails, and then he’s stuck with this bag of dicks, Ron, who seems to want to grow up to be a porch dick just like his Daddy.


Who didn’t see this coming:

So, the walkers have arrived at Alexandria. Carl, Rick, and several of the others are all at Ron’s house trying to keep the walkers at bay. Meanwhile in the garage Carl and Ron get into an argument, this is when the walkers break into the house and they all find themselves locked upstairs. The decision is made to coat themselves in walkers blood, guts, and glory so they can make a run for it and get out of the house to safety. The preacher takes Judith and the rest of them head back to the quarry to get the cars they left there so they can round-up the walkers. Little Sammy who is just not stable since Daddy porch dick died, refuses to go with the preacher and eventually has flashbacks of what Carol said to him, which in turn causes him to make too much noise and the walkers attack him. Mommy (Jessie) after losing a child refuses to let go of his hand which causes her to be attacked by walkers as well, sending Ron over the edge who points his gun at Rick, Michonne is not having that crap and slices and dices Ron, however his finger was on the trigger so as Michonne stabs him he pulls the trigger and where does the bullet go?!! LITTLE CORALS FUCKING EYEBALL.


Lets review:

Bullet passes through deer and out off all the things it could have hit in the middle of the woods hits Carl, Carl’s Mom is the reason we have the “SMFH” acronym, Carl has to kill Mom after she dies in childbirth, Carl’s Dad goes crazy, Carl has to become a parent, Carl almost gets raped, Carl finds a girl who leaves him, Carl makes friends who change their mind and want to kill him because of “crazy Rick,” Carl gets shot in the eye. Life isn’t bad enough surviving the zombie apocalypse little Coral has to get dealt all of this too? I mean, damn. I’ll be honest in the beginning of this series I used to hope and pray that stupid little Coral would just get killed of one way or another, then the writers brought me back. Carl developed as a character and matured and I found a respect for him, and an understanding of his role throughout the series. Then they shoot him in the face. I mean that’s fair, it happens in the graphic novels, I had full understanding that it may happen eventually in the series. That being said, you have to feel a little bit bad for Carl. Looking back on his life as a main character, he has been dealt a lot of shit. Honestly I think the way children are portrayed in this series is probably one of the things that makes me appreciate all the work that is put into it the most. The writers don’t keep children out of harms way to make this show more bearable. Carl suffers, struggles, and fights as much as any other main character throughout the series. So here’s to you Carl Grimes, you’re a bad ass if I’ve ever seen one.






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