Here we are at yet another crucial turning point in the series. We have just met “Jesus” aka Paul Monroe. Rick and Darryl were out on a run when they were approached, (actually rammed into), by Jesus. He pulled a fast one on them, and made off with the truck full of goods, which was later lost in their scuffles. He’s brought back to Alexandria, and you, the viewer, are left with questions.

Now if you are at all familiar with the graphic novels then you are fully aware that Paul Monroe does in fact play a major role in both the bigger picture of the series, and in the development of Rick’s leadership. You may also be aware of how different the TV series can be at times. Though it is the same story, and does contain the same major climaxes, some characters have died before their time in comparison to the novel, along with additional characters that never existed in the novels, such as Darryl Dixon. Taking all of that into consideration, let’s look at Jesus from a graphic novel stand point, and maybe uncover clues as to what we can expect next from the TV series.

The differences are immediately noticeable, when Paul Monroe first appears in the novel series in issue 91, he does not run into Darryl and Rick. Instead, he finds Michonne and Abraham. He was easily able to immobilize them, then request they take him to the leader of their group, Rick. Upon meeting Rick he tells him of the Hilltop colony containing 200+ survivors, and offers a trade program that already exist between Hilltop and two additional groups. An untrusting Rick ends up knocking him unconscious, and detaining him in Alexandria as he mulls things over. The decision is made to check out this supposed Hilltop colony. Rick informs Monroe of this, and showing no signs of weakness, of course, informs Monroe that if he in fact does not like what he sees at Hilltop he will kill him on the spot.

Rick, Glenn, Michonne, and Andrea (yes, in the graphic novel Andrea is still alive, with Rick, and acting as a Mother figure to Carl), Carl does, unbeknownst to the others, accompany them on the trip to Hilltop. Along the way Monroe helps the group with several difficulties they face, only to inform them shortly before they arrive at Hilltop that he had broken free of his restraints long ago, but he trust them, and with this act we can presume he was hoping Rick would trust him as well. Upon arriving at Hilltop Monroe informs Rick that they have no ammo, but graciously allows Rick and the others to bring their firearms within the community. Kal (an additional character added with the introduction of the Hilltop colony), is very reluctant to allow the Alexandrians into Hilltop, but let’s them in on the trusted word of Jesus. From there they head strait to the leader of Hilltop, Gregory. During this time frame an additional Hilltop member is introduced, Ethan, who attacks Gregory so that Negan, (a name we have heard several times during the TV series), may free a current Hilltop captive, Crystal. During this scuff Ethan is killed.

This leaves Monroe with the task of explaining to Rick who “The Saviors” are, Negan’s followers. This is when Carl proposes they kill “The Saviors” in exchange for supplies. Rick agrees with his son, and though he was taken aback Monroe thinks a trade can be arranged. Respectfully Rick later attends Ethan’s funeral with Monroe where an additional Hilltop member, Samuel, attacks Rick, accusing him of murdering Ethan. Monroe is quick to intervene, stating that Rick was right to do what he did. A trade agreement is worked out amongst the groups, setting future storylines in motion.

Not long after the initial meet and greet, Negan personally comes out to “deal with” Rick, killing Glenn in the process. This is a bit of a shock to Monroe, since it was theorized that Negan was nothing more than a made up persona, or fear tactic. After learning of Negan’s recent acts, Monroe returns to Alexandria with Rick.

With these quick novel points, we can begin to theorize a few things that we can expect to see in the near future. The first of which will be Rick’s trip to Hilltop. We can already see in the previews that though they had Jesus captive in Alexandria after bringing him back for medical attention, he did not stay captive, appearing in Rick’s bedroom wanting to talk. I would assume this is how he presents Hilltop to Rick, and may even offer to take him there. Another difference we may see from the novel is whom Rick takes with him to Hilltop, since we don’t have an Andrea in the TV series. However, Michonne seems to be filling the role Andrea had at this point in the novel, so we can assume that she will still go with Rick, along with Glenn. Carl has not had a major episode in a while, so he may follow the storyline and sneak along with the others. As for the fourth person to accompany Rick, I would like to think it will be Darryl, but after recent run-ins he’s had with other survivors causing a rekindled distrust, Darryl may not be the ideal person to accompany Rick.

We can also assume that we will soon meet Negan, the leader of the Saviors in the novel. It is safe to say since Darryl blew up part of his group with a rocket launcher that the meeting will not be a friendly one. Monroe was captured by the saviors at one point in the novels and is more than willing to help Rick strategize against Negan. Presumably this will be another action that is mirrored in the TV series, as Monroe at no point tried to harm Darryl or Rick, and even saved Darryl from a walker, giving us hints of what is to come from Monroe’s character.

A final prediction we can make is the loss of a major character by the end of this season. In the graphic novel it is Glenn, who is killed by Negan. Even though the show writers are not afraid to differ from the novels, there have been several moments in the series that have hinted at the death of Glenn. He was knocked unconscious at the prison, only to wake up surrounded by walkers, and survived. He was almost trapped by walkers in a tunnel while searching for Maggie, and made it out with the help of Abraham and some others. After making it to Terminus, we see Glenn almost get his neck slit. Then there was the dumpster fiasco that left everyone hopeful, but preparing for the worst, and he made it out. Finally, when he makes it back to Alexandria he, in an act to save Maggie and his unborn child, starts fighting off walkers to distract them from his wife. He becomes surrounded, and with yet another stroke of luck, Darryl, Abraham, and Sasha arrive in the nick of time to once again save Glenn. All of this is foreshadowing Glenn’s eventual demise. This would open up several story lines, even allowing Maggie to sever the roots she has within Alexandria, and eventually take her place as the leader of Hilltop further down the line, as she does in the novels.
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So, for the remainder of season 6 of The Walking Dead I predict: Rick will decide to check out Hilltop and we will see the development of Paul Monroe’s character, along with new alliances being formed between Hilltop and Alexandria. We will meet Negan, who will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan by the way! Negan will undoubtedly order an attack, that he may or may not lead himself, on Rick and the other Alexandrians. Somewhere in these introductions we will lose Glenn, and Rick will begin plotting against Negan and his followers.

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