If you’re anything like me, procrastination is one of your favorite things in the whole world. No, we are not those girls that spent months looking for the perfect, barely there costume that looks like somebody ate the glitter glue and proceeded to puke it on your outfit. So I compiled a short list of 4 Easy DIY Costumes that are sure to be a hit this, or any Halloween.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Not only is Buffy a total bad-ass, but you know you’ve been dying to break out those sweet clothes you kept from the 90’s. This is a classic easy costume you’re sure to be able to throw together in a hurry. All you really need is your own “Mr. Pointy”. If by some chance you, like myself, are not blonde, you always have Faith or Willow to fall back on.

Now go grab yourself a tank top, and some pants, (preferably pleather). Last but not least the shoes. This is important so listen to me when I tell you this: PLATFORM, PLATFORM, PLATFORM. If I was a vampire and I saw you at a party in your LB red bottom stilettos, I would eat you. You will not be kicking any vampire butts by trying to be fashionable people, get it together, get your self some platforms, and be the formidable vamp slayer I know you can be.

Side Note: This doubles as a group costume, get your friends together and be the whole Buffy cast!


2. Gender Swapped Super Man

Reasons why this is a good idea:

  1. It’s got to be one of the easiest costumes I have ever seen.
  2. Easy does not mean boring. There is literally nothing boring about being a super hero.
  3. IT IS SEXY. Not in the barely wearing anything way. This is a something left to the imagination, book smart, cool sexy. Which is way better than regular sexy if you ask me.
  4. Probably my favorite reason for this costume is how comfortable it will be. No heels, no hair do, bearable props, everything I’ve ever wanted in a Halloween costume.

Honestly, I would imagine that there are very few of us who don’t already own, or know some where we can get a superman shirt at any given moment. I know you have jeans, and if you don’t have a flannel, well, then I have no idea what you’re doing with your life. GO. NOW. Buy a flannel. You’re Welcome. Most importantly, you have to get yourself some Clark Kent inspired glasses. These, to put it simply, make this entire costume. Now I know this whole hipster, “I don’t need glasses but I wear them anyways because it looks so cool and they match my typewriter perfectly” trend is going on, so you may already have glasses. Great, you’re all set! Enjoy an evening of breaking hearts with this breathtaking twist on Superman.


3. Amy Pond from Dr. Who

No, really, any self-respecting geek will go nuts for this one. There are several versions of Amy Pond that can all very easily be a success. You of course have the classic black jeans, flannel shirt, and leather jacket. (I’m really trying to get this flannel trend up and running.) The red hair may not be your thing, but you can of course purchase a wig at any local Halloween store or, (and this is just a suggestion because, trust me, I dye my hair red), if you’re feeling brave you could always do a temporary dye on your hair, but do realize that just because it’s temporary does not mean all of the red hue will come out of your hair. Seriously, that’s just what I need: “I thought this was a super cool Halloween costume and now I’m stuck a red-head and it’s all your fault!!” No, I warned you.

The other awesome Amy Pond costume would of course be “Eye Patch Amy.” Possibly more easily recognizable than the standard Amy Pond, beware that it may still offer some mild confusion with the actual “Eye Patch Lady” in the Dr. Who series, also known as Madame Kovarian. Best thing about this, HELLO, you get to wear an eye patch!! Just not while you’re driving. Don’t do that, you should take full advantage of having two eyeballs when behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you don’t have an eye patch just pick one up while you’re out buying your red wig, piece of cake. The final piece to “Eye Patch Amy” is a suit. I know what you’re thinking suits aren’t cheap, they usually have to be tailored… This is Halloween no one cares if your suit is tailored, go to good will and buy Grandmas old pants suit she wore to church every Sunday for the last forty years. It’ll probably only cost you $10! Shoes are totally up to you. Amy wore boots with most of her classic outfits, which is a comfortable choice, and “Eye Patch Amy” wore heels. However you can probably get away with some flats, which is what I would do. These low-key costumes will make you feel one step closer to running away in a Tardis with your “Raggedy Man.”

Side Note: This can be used as a couple’s costume, just have your guy dress as Rory or the Doctor!amypond7header_2012_amypond


4. Lara Croft Tomb Raider

If you do want that added sex appeal this DIY is the one for you. Simple and seductive, Lara Croft is a wet dream waiting to happen. Grab some sleek, black, SHORT shorts, boots and a fitted sleeveless tee and you are just about set. The final two components of this costume are what’s really going to set you up for a night of compliments, and possibly phone numbers. First the guns. They have to be held in leg holsters. There is a serious amount of attraction at the sight of a woman packing heat, and when you pair it with Lara’s classic leg holster style carry you are sure to turn some heads. The final component is the hair braid. I’m not saying that you won’t be recognizable if you don’t have the braid, I’m just saying that it is one of the top five most identifiable features, (in my book), of Lara Croft. While this is still a simple DIY, a few wrong choices could take away from the effect. Though this is a “sexy” costume don’t make the glitter mistake, buy some grungy, I just rolled in the dirt, kicked everyone’s ass, and got the artifact makeup. This was probably some of your boyfriend’s/husband’s first crush so, no pressure.


So now you have it, 4 Easy DIY Costumes for the Geeky Girl. This year your procrastination has paid off and paved the way for these fabulous last minute costume ideas. Go conquer Halloween my friend, and keep on geekin’ on!


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